With the fast-growing world, innovation will always remain an important aspect for IT industry. From the Event planning and execution perspective, the more personalized solutions are built, the more it is easier to execute the entire process with greater efficiency & effectiveness. We aim for building a product which uses the latest technology, customized as per business vision, and optimized with the latest innovation at the correct time.
Automation will be the key factor when considering timely execution of the tasks. By opting for smarter automating tools like EMAP, you will be able to automate from the most basic data collection to complex financial calculations. Also automated custom reports will provide an insight to all the financials and critical numbers which will eventually contribute to more time saving opportunities and enabling end user to focus on other crucial items.
We believe in simplification of the processes in order to have effective and timely end results. EMAP is built considering the overwhelming processes and data collections that we have from the entire Event Management execution, which need to be organized into quick accessible insights. Through EMAP all the data gathered from event information and past records will be utilized to provide robust reporting which helps in smarter planning decisions.
Product Features
  • Modern Calendar w/ color coding
  • Views & Filters
  • Modern Electronic Booking Form w/ Validation
  • Run Time Availability Check
  • Dynamic Performance Setup
  • Multi Event Date Series
  • Apply Discounts & Secured events
  • Dynamic Contract Setup Fields
  • Up to 10 Contract Templates Integration
  • Accounting GL Integration
  • Automatic Contract Generation
  • Event Details
  • Performance Management
  • Contract Setup & Custom Contract Generator
  • Deposit Schedule & Payment Tracking
  • Document Management System
  • Event Database Grid View w/ Filter & Sorting
  • Event Reschedule
  • Event Settlement Integration
  • Modern UI/UX Department Form w/ Validations
  • Settlement Database Grid View w/ Filters & Sorting
  • GL Account Integration
  • Auto Event & Financial Data Load
  • Document Management. w/ Upload Feature
  • Contracts Integration
  • Event Settlement (Multi Performances)
  • Custom & Dynamic Report Template
  • Client Management
  • Modern Electronic Input Form(s) w/ Validations
  • Client Database Grid View w/ Filters & Sorting
  • Active/Inactive Client
  • Contact Person Integration
  • Active/Inactive Contact Person
  • Client Notes
  • Dynamic Business Defined Reporting
  • Event Highlights
  • Event Overview
  • Event Rental Days
  • Event Summary

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