SharePoint Workflows

Tired of tracking and monitoring the ongoing processes? Let SharePoint workflow work for you. SharePoint workflow will help to collaborate and implement the standard business process on documents in SharePoint site. We here at ARC, will design the SharePoint workflow keeping in loop your business logic that will automate your current process and make it more effective and time saving.

Entrata API Integration

As a tech vendor for the property management industry, it is essential for us to not only integrate Entrata with our sharepoint based property management tolls, but also provide a real-time Entrata synced dashboard that truly streamlines day-to-day reporting and data visibility needs. Establishing these key integrations with Entrata sets us apart, making our product a healthier investment and a more effective solution for property owners and operators

Ticketmaster API Integration

We ensure to provide our customers a uniform integration of SharePoint with the third-party server or cloud solution. We are currently providing services for the integration of Ticket Master.

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL Processing)

With our vast experience in data warehousing, APIs, and Data Analytics, we build integrated solution using Extraction, Transformation, Loading OR Extraction, Loading, Transformation. The integrated solution is built based on your needs with simplification, innovation & automation.