What is SharePoint? How can you use SharePoint Online in your Workplace?

SharePoint Online

Are you wondering what SharePoint is and how it can work for your organization? Well, you have come to the right place! At Al Rafay Consulting, our customers ask these same queries regarding SharePoint development. Therefore, we have decided to make you completely aware of the SharePoint online basics and make you realize what wonders it can do for your business. With SharePoint, you can do so much. You can collaborate with your team from anywhere or from any device. All you need have an internet connection. And you are all set to have an amazingly interconnected experience with your team and clients. You can estimate the worth of this technological wonder by knowing this fact,

“Over 200 million users rely on SharePoint as Microsoft is again recognized as a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Content Services Platforms Magic Quadrant Report”. — By Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365.

This blog will cover all the information you need to know about SharePoint. In case you want to get the information on a call about SharePoint. Contact our SharePoint Experts right now!

By reading this blog till end, you will completely understand:

  • What is SharePoint?
  • What are SharePoint’s primary features?
  • How can you use SharePoint in your business?

What is SharePoint Online? (All you need to know about SharePoint in detail)

SharePoint is a highly customizable web-based collaborative and content management platform that integrates with Microsoft 365. It can help you and your team collaborate, work remotely, work together, and work smarter regardless of any geographical barriers.


In simpler words, SharePoint enables you to efficiently manage all your corporate content and other data (from RFIs to marketing resources to financial data and more). You can create websites and enterprise intranets to keep your users briefed about the latest updates. By implementing SharePoint to your business, you will be able to create business strategies and processes to automate most of your everyday tasks (like workflows). Also, you can develop customized applications to allow your teams to become more productive.


Now, as you have gained sound knowledge about SharePoint, let us make you know about its wonderful features.

What are SharePoint Online features?

  1. SharePoint Lists and Library

SharePoint delivers two fundamental ways to manage data: libraries and lists. Lists are like spreadsheets in the way that they consist of rows and columns. Yet, unlike Excel spreadsheets, they stay in SharePoint and are available to multiple people at onetime for simultaneous access, sidestepping the annoyance of emailing a spreadsheet around for review or pushing to track changes from multiple users.

A SharePoint Document Library is located on every SharePoint site. You can create multiple document libraries as well. The document library is a “repository” into which documents are stored. You can create folders as well to navigate and access your documents easily. Documents that you upload on the library are stored on the server, so they are readily accessible and edited by members of the site.

(Check out the dynamic enterprise application, contract management system developed on the versatile platform of SharePoint Online.)

  1. SharePoint Workflows

SharePoint Workflows enable enterprises to collaborate on data and to organize and manage project tasks by enforcing business processes on documents and items in a SharePoint site. Workflows can range from compiling signatures, feedback, or getting approvals for any document to tracking the everyday status of systematic procedures. SharePoint delivers a pack of templates used to develop workflows that are created to preserve your time and effort and build consistency and efficiency for duties you perform daily.

  1. SharePoint Search

SharePoint’s primary search feature lets users enter and perform a search query regarding indexed data in a Global architectures for SharePoint Server. You can find any document or record by entering your query. If you already have a SharePoint and do not have a search bar in it.

  1. SharePoint Sites

A SharePoint site benefits you and your team to keep connected to the content, applications, and other information you use regularly. You can utilize a SharePoint team site in multiple ways. These incorporate collaborating and storing files, making, and managing information checklists, and so much more. In addition, a team site in SharePoint makes it easier to add significant events, reminders, documents, to-do items, and more to enable team members to stay in the loop.

  1. Connectivity with Mobile

You can access our SharePoint online sites from any mobile phone or tablet with the internet allowed in it. It is one of the best features of SharePoint services that one can easily access SharePoint sites remotely as well by making sure there is an internet connected to the device. Among the various SharePoint features, this really stands out simply because business executives are increasingly using their mobiles to access work data. By offering mobile connectivity, users can access SharePoint’s online features even when they are on the go.

Read on to know how you can use SharePoint Online in your workspace.

​SharePoint Custom Development

SharePoint Online

You will be amazed by knowing about the custom development capability in SharePoint enabling you to create custom web applications and intranets for your businesses. It is a greatly debated capability or feature of SharePoint. You have complete control over the behavior and design of your SharePoint setting and customize it to match your corporate standard. You can interconnect it with other company solutions as well. To understand it better, you can read our previous blog about the benefits of custom development in SharePoint.

Create a SharePoint Intranet for your Workspace

With SharePoint services, enterprises no longer have to spend time and resources to develop and maintain a dedicated company intranet. That’s because SharePoint provides all the functionality of an intranet – at a bit of the cost. It will make it easy for your workforce to work collaboratively as a unit while fostering team interrelatedness and employee engagement.

When building an intranet through SharePoint, it is crucial to acknowledge that the essential purpose of the site is to make your employees’ jobs easier and more effective.

Use SharePoint for Content Management and Collaboration

Aside from other ways of SharePoint Online, one best way of management is CMS Content Management System. When you implement SharePoint as an intranet (portal) solution, you can utilize it to share data and make resources accessible to your team members. Your enterprise also needs a centralized content management system (CMS) for storing, sharing, and collaborating on corporate data.

Integration with Office 365 tools

SharePoint Online

SharePoint readily integrates with other Microsoft products including, MS Teams, Outlook, and OneDrive. It develops a seamless online experience and saves plenty of productive time. For instance, by syncing Outlook and SharePoint, your team can access their documents and other attachments that they can access on SharePoint without a need to exit Outlook. While operating in MS Teams, you can add a SharePoint site straight into your MS Teams. This integration will allow you to track activities and access project documents while never having to leave MS Teams.

Create well-improved security for your workplace

Microsoft SharePoint development provides you with amplified security and compliance. For example, you can control the access and security of documents regardless of their status of accessibility. Moreover, your teams or user groups can manage their workspaces with predefined security settings. And, while operating with SharePoint, vulnerabilities that leak into multiple systems can reduce. Further, you may also protect the organization’s environment by observing employee behavior and complying with internal policies.

Wrapping Up

Now you can understand how your workplace can be better and more productive by implementing and availing SharePoint services. By employing a productive enterprise software like SharePoint, your teams can operate better, speedier, and smarter.

If you need help setting-up SharePoint within your enterprise. Al Rafay Consulting can lessen the learning curve by training your team on the ins and outs of document management and collaboration. In addition, our experts will show you how to dodge mistakes so you can take full benefit of all the great SharePoint Online features and immediately see a worthwhile return on your investment.

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