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Microsoft office 365 vs Office 365

Office 365 Vs. Microsoft 365- An Ultimate Comparison

  There’s a lot to be said about consistency in product names, but when you have lots of products, each with multiple versions, similar names can quickly become confusing. Here, we’re talking about Microsoft. A few years back, Microsoft introduced Microsoft 365, a business-oriented bundle of existing products sold under a single license. The name…

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SharePoint Managed Metadata in Document Management System

  Before we start our journey of knowing the benefits of managed Metadata in the document management system, let’s first discuss and learn some of the aspects and their connection with Metadata management that will help you better understand its meaning and purposes. This article will drill down into SharePoint’s document features that deal with Metadata.…

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SharePoint Look Book

A Complete Guide to SharePoint Discussion Board

  Modern teams often need to work on multiple projects at a time, and to avoid any miscommunication, keeping the conversation listed in a written format becomes obligatory. Also, organizations often emphasize making communications accessible to all team members to avoid discrepancies or misunderstandings. Besides, companies need a reliable platform for various organizational discussions if…

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