Embedding Power BI on Modern SharePoint Pages

Add PowerBI report in SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online & Power BI both are Microsoft products, a fusion of them can produce great results. In this blog, I’m sharing the most easiest and effective solution to embed the analytical reports (created using Power BI) in SharePoint Online Modern Pages. Lets’ start with what is needed to begin:


  1. A Power BI Pro account license
  2. SharePoint Online Modern site and Modern Page
  3. Power BI Report URL to be embedded in the SharePoint Modern Page

If you have all the requirements sorted, continue with the following steps:

Get Report URL

  1. Login to Power BI and from the left navigation, click on the report which you want to embed in SharePoint Online.
  2. Click on Share dropdown on the top navigation, then expand embed report and select SharePoint Online
  3. A dialog box will be displayed, copy the URL from there as shown below image:

Configure Modern Site in SharePoint

Before creating a Modern page in SharePoint, you need to enable the Site Pages feature on the SharePoint site

  1. Go to the site settings, by clicking on the gear icon at the top right.
  2. In the site settings page, select “Manage site feature” under Site Actions
  3. Then, scroll down below and click “Activate” on the Site Pages Feature option.

Create Modern Page

  1. Go to the site home page.
  2. Click on the New dropdown, and select Site Page
  3. Then click on the + icon which opens up a pool of options, from their select Power BI
  4. and click on the Add Report button
  5. Paste the Power BI report URL which was copied earlier
  6. The report will be loaded automatically

Following the above simple steps, you can achieve the integration of the Power BI analytical reports with the SharePoint Online page.


Summing it all, we have covered how a modern site is created and site pages feature is configured with the main agenda i.e. integration of Power BI analytics with SharePoint Online Page.

If this blog helps you or you’ve any questions you can reach out to me via the comments section. I’ll be looking forward to the feedback 🙂

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