EMAP is an interactive, dynamic, real-time event-management platform that accommodates multi-venue operations, customizable elements that cater to your specific business needs, and an integrated, stream-lined approach that spans multiple departments in your organization, creating a Single Source of Record that agrees to your financial and accounting system.

Product Features

A centralized platform to view all events on single or multiple venue(s)

  • Filter by Venue, Event Status, and Client
  • Event Summary snippet
  • Undertone Events by Status
  • Monthly Notes by Theatre
  • Global Search

Place a reservation hold or perform instant booking from simple to complex events with multiple performances in single or multiple venues.

  • Innovative Modern Calendar
  • Intuitive Electronic Booking Form
  • Run Time Availability Check
  • Multi-Event Date Series
  • Automatic Performance Setup
  • Discounts & Secured Events
  • Instant Delete Hold
  • Event & Performance Notes

Generate Contracts with a click of button with dynamic contract fields (setup, configured & customized for your requirements), and up to 10 custom contract templates integration.

  • Single click contract generator exported to MS Word
  • Contract Fields setup with metadata
  • Multiple contract templates setup & configuration
  • Accounting GL Codes Integration

A centralized event portal for every event in the application. The portal consists of multiple event management tools and resources required for accurate and efficient event operations management.

  • Event List (w/ filters)
  • Event Portal
  • Performance Management
  • Contract Setup & Custom Contract Generator
  • Deposit Schedule
  • Payment Tracking
  • Document Management System (with external sharing)
  • Event Reschedule
  • Event Settlement Integration

Intuitive, customized & dynamic settlement platform equipped with tools and resources to cater to all aspects of event settlements with secure interfaces for department input(s). Single click settlement & artist reports with export to excel and/or pdf.

  • Settlement List (w/ filters)
  • Settlement Portal
  • Event Settlement Generator (Multi Performances)
  • Intuitive & Dynamic Department data input forms
  • Accounting GL codes Integration
  • Event Financials Integration
  • Contract Metadata Integration
  • Custom & Dynamic Report Templates

Centralized platform for client information, contact details and notes

  • Client List w/ Filters & Sorting
  • Modern Electronic Input for client & contact details
  • Active/Inactive Client
  • Contact Person Integration
  • Active/Inactive Contact Person
  • Client Notes

Data transformation into reports and visualizations with run time filters providing insights for event operations, management & financials with export options

  • Dynamic Business Defined Reporting
  • Event Highlights
  • Event Overview
  • Event Rental Days
  • Event Summary
Add On – Nexus/Ticket Master Integration

Centralized platform for client information, contact details and notes

  • Sales Report
  • Rebate Report
  • Sales Dashboard

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