Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

We have worked closely with Real Estate Investment Trust companies to deliver solutions that solve the pain points within the industry. Our innovative and automated solutions give REIT companies the tools to streamline manual processes through automation, enforce governance, and increase overall productivity. We provide REIT technologies that focus on saving you time and money while providing insights through analytics.  

Top Solutions in REIT

REIT Document Management System

REIT Asset Management

Lease Approval Workflow

Contract Tracker & Management

Performing Arts

Event management can be a process involving many moving partsOur performing arts solutions tie everything together to centralize all functions and data, making business operations easier to both conduct and manage. We provide a robust event management system that provides all the tools you need to book venues, manage documents and assets, generate custom reports. With centralized visibility in mind, our performing arts software gives companies exactly what they need to have full oversight over their operations with sophisticated functionalities.

Top Solutions in Performing Arts

Venue Booking

Event Tracking, Management & Financials


Analytics & reporting

Student Living

The Student Living industry needs solutions to help property managers track units, perform data analytics, and get students into spaces while making the process as efficient and hassle-free as possible. We have developed technology solutions for the industry with exactly those things in mind. Our time within the industry has given us a deep understanding of how to automate tedious manual processes, visualize the status of units and beds for student living properties, create reports using meaningful data, and manage their ongoing deals using innovative SharePoint-built tools. 

Top Solutions in Student Living

Collaboration & Communication

Student Living Document Management

Data Analytics

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