MS Office 365 Consulting

  • Our expert consultants provide assistance in transforming your organization to the cloud set up, making the ease of collaboration, access to the system, and sharing remotely.  
  • We provide complete details and benefits of adapting the technology and support to map your company goals with the IT infrastructure. 


Office 365 Implementation

  • Since we have worked deeply with Microsoft products over the years, we are highly qualified to aid in implementing the o365 setup by selecting the most relevant package that is as per the organizations’ budget and technical requirements. 
  • We provide assistance in implementing the desired o365 toolkit which makes it easier to collaborate, work and share effectively and efficiently in relevance to the prominent business functions of the organization 

Office 365 Migration

  • Migration can become a nightmare if not handled correctly. We have a bunch of migration experts who will evaluate and help in migrating the organizations’ on-premises, cloud, or hybrid solutions to Office 365. 
  • We ensure to migrate the entire solutions keeping data and functionalities secure and minimum downtime to keep the system up and running resulting in a simplified and smooth transition. 

Office 365 Customization

  • We offer customization as per the business requirements and goals to maximize the effectiveness of the selected Office 365 plan. Our priority is to incorporate the employee and organization preferences into the implementation. 
  • We ensure to streamline all the complex business processes by developing custom workflows, unique features, interactive site branding, user permissions, and more which are integrated with Office 365 products. 

Office 365 Support

  • We provide support as per the selected plan by the organization which includes timely updates to the latest versions, new features addition, security check, and routine maintenance of the organizational Office 365 Suite. 
  • We also ensure to provide training materials for the administrators to run the o365 implementation without any trouble. We have a dedicated team to provide support within 3 hrs. of timeframe. 


SharePoint Implementation Consulting

Want to integrate SharePoint into your organization but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help. We have spent years working closely with SharePoint technologies and know the ins and outs of it. ARC is positioned to help your business implement SharePoint and bring the most out of its potential

SharePoint Custom Development

Our team of consultants have spent years developing technology solutions through SharePoint development. SharePoint allows for flexibility and efficiency when creating solutions. With this, we can create solutions quickly using out of the box options while adding customization where needed.

SharePoint Migration

Using an older version or some other platform and are looking to switch to SharePoint? ARC has helped many organizations with SharePoint migration to empower their workspaces. We understand the challenges that come with switching to a new system and are well versed in overcoming them.

Power BI Services

Business Intelligence drives organizations in their business decisions and operations. Experts at ARC can help you understand the power of data and provide solutions that help you visualize data for easier analysis. With Power BI integration, your organization receives robust data analytics to take your business functions to the next step with greater insight and informed decisions.

Want to get in touch?

Looking to ask some questions or are interested in our services? Feel free to get in touch! We’ll be sure to have a representative reach out as soon as possible. We have helped many organizations realize and revolutionize their technological needs, and we want to continue making an impact on more businesses. See how we can help you today.