Doing more with less overhead and lowering operational costs is a universal challenge that we all face. Many organizations struggle with outdated technology solutions and/or manual processes that no longer serve the dynamic and changing needs of today’s live events industry. As a result, event information is often stored in multiple places using a combination of excel and word documents, hard-copy files and your general ledger, lacking a cohesive system of record where the archived details often don’t agree to the event financials.


The real-time event-management platform that accommodates multi-venue operations, customizable elements that cater to your specific business needs, and an integrated, streamlined approach that spans multiple departments in your organization, creating a Single Source of Record that agrees to your financial and accounting system.

Integrated document management system composed of

  • Document repository for users/departments to create, edit, review, collaborate and share documentation
  • Organization’s metadata-driven centralized platform for final and executed version of documents and amendments with advanced search, audit, and reporting

Automatically generate contracts with customized templates and auto pull data from the booking process

Customized & dynamic settlement process facilitating collaboration across departments. With tools and resources that allow for permission-based access to settlement input, generate settlement & artist reports with a single click and exported to excel and/or pdf

Build and operate an integrated infrastructure with centralized data warehouse synched with the ticketing sales and distribution provider such as Ticket Master that provides real time sales reports for custom periods, rebates, and analytics for operational and financial needs

Our Solutions

EMAP (Event Management Automated Platform)

  • Event Booking
  • Contract Generation
  • Event Management
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Settlement
  • Analytics and Reporting

Nexus Integration (Ticket Master)

  • Executive Sales & Revenue Dashboard
  • Archtics Integration
  • tmONE Integration
  • Real-time Ticket Sales Report
  • Accurate Rebate Calculation on sold tickets
  • Metrics and Analytics