Business Defined Dynamic Reports

  • Theatre Analytics and Reporting play an important part in critical business decisions and determining the next plans. We provide organizations a stand-alone theatre analytics and reporting solution which will be integrated with your current system
  • We have few prebuilt reports that are developed keeping in mind the performing arts industry business challenges and requirements
  • We offer full customization to the solution by adding any new reports requested by the business and making updates in the prebuilt ones 

Event Highlights

  • Event Highlights report is actually a comparison between the last fiscal year and the current fiscal year. It displays data points separated by Venue. We have also added a monthly breakdown to display a comparison between last vs actual
  • We have added different views, filters, zoom in/out features to assist users to navigate through the report easily
  •  It supports the report saving feature as well, through which users can save the report in various formats including PDF, Excel, etc

Event Overview

The event Overview report is built to provide a quick overview of an event and its details. By default, it’s generated with data filtered for the current year date range.  

Event Rental Days

Event Rental days report displays the count of Rental Days, it is specifically broken down month-wise with a comparison between the 4 fiscal years. By default, it is generated with data filtered by the last 4 fiscal years. This report shows data by Venue too. 

Event Summary

An event Summary report is a complete representation of an event, displaying all the necessary details of an event. By default, it displays the option to enter Event ID or Event Name to get details of the desired event. With Sharepoint consulting, we will highlight these aspects with the professional briefing.



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Nexus Ticket Master Integration

Integration with Nexus Ticketmaster gives businesses the data and the tools to power robust tools and processes for imperative business operations

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