Event Management Portal

  • Event Tracking made easy through our solution, we have built a centralized Event management portal that ensures easy navigation and processing without consuming time and effort
  • All the important aspects of the Event are placed on the portal to make it accessible and have an overview of the recent updates 
  • Al Rafay SharePoint Consulting and development service provide full customization to the portal layout, UI, and functionality as per the business needs 

Event Details

  • The event Details section will contain the event form with all the details related to an event. The event form can be edited and updated through this interface 
  • We can provide customization depending on the business requirement, fields can be altered, the layout of the form and validations can be applied as per the request 

Event List View

  • Finding an event from a pool of events might be a big hassle, we have implemented an Event List View in our solution through which users can navigate through all the events and their basic details in a centralized view 
  • The dashboard is enriched with customized filters and sorting to easily find the desired event
  • We support full customization, depending on the business needs new filters and sorting can be added in addition to any new event columns on the list view 

Performance Management

  • Multiple performances management can become overwhelming, keeping track of all the performances might be difficult. Our solution provides an efficient way to manage the performances which can be on consecutive and nonconsecutive dates 
  • We have added a feature to autogenerate the performances on one click, without the hassle of manually adding them
  •  We support full customization for the features and functionalities that are required by the business to meet the goals 

Contract Configuration & Custom Contract Generator

  • To ensure all the critical sections of the business are accessible through a single portal, we have embedded contract details & generator modules within the Event Management portal
  • Users can access the input form and generate contracts from there only once all the required inputs are supplied. Admin can also set predefined values through the admin portal to save the user from manually entering all the numbers 
  • We provide full customization to the module, be it the contract form fields or the contract templates that are used by the contract generator 

Event Deposit Schedule & Financials

  • To ensure all the financials are accessible through a single portal, we have embedded deposit schedules & Financials with the event management portal
  • Through this module, all the financial payments can be tracked with their details. An input form is attached with this, to fetch the numbers from users 
  • A summary of all the payments info, deposit schedule, and other financial payments is available to be used for an overview 
  • We offer full customization by allowing users to request changes for the input fields, form details, financial view depending on the business requirement 

Document Management Repository (With External Sharing)

  • Event management means lots of different documents and organizing them is a big thing. Our document management system will prove to be a lifesaver with customized functionality and efficient processing 
  • Our solution provides a data management repository that can be used to store event-related files in structured folders, to help to navigate through them easily 
  • External share is supported as well and functionality can be customized be it layout, folder structure, and lists storage that is used
  • We provide full customization to meet the business needs and requirements, be it layout or folder structure or the entire process for document storage

Event Reschedule

  • Event Reschedules disturbing the overall processing? We have a solution for this challenge faced by the business. We have a separate module embedded in Event Management Portal which leads to an event reschedule view
  • Depending on the business requirement and validations needed, we can set up constraints for rescheduling the event and also applying some limits which will not allow the event to be rescheduled 
  • We support full customization of the layout, UI, and functionality according to the business requirements

Event Settlement Integration

  • Event settlement is a must when managing the event, we have implemented a module within our solution to make it easily accessible
  • It comes with an input form to initiate a settlement which can be done for multiple performances as well. And a settlement dashboard to display all the existing settlements in a centralized view 
  • We provide customization which can range from form fields, validations, layout to functionality or feature which is required by the business


Venue Booking

Centralized visibility over status of venues and events to provide robust event management platforms and manage bookings

Performing Arts Contract Generator

Generate contracts through templates simply to create the contract creation and signing process much more efficient

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