Sales Dashboard

  • Yes, we are providing real-time reporting, data analytics API integrations from the ticket Master. Our Sales Dashboard is a power pack view with 4 different analytic components. 
  • The first block is Revenue, which displays the sales bar year over year. 
  • The second block is YoY comparison, it is a monthly breakdown of sales and that is compared year over year 
  • The third component is Revenue & Rebate, which displays the sum of sales and rebate year over year 
  • The last component is by sell location; it displays the sales breakdown by sell locations. 

Revenue Report

The revenue report is built to find the total ticket and total sales by event or for all events. This report can be generated by selecting date range or venue.

Rebate Report

The rebate report is built to calculate rebates against each event and here the total rebate by the event is displayed too. This report can be generated by selecting the date range or venue. 



Manage relations with customer and clients for your events to empower your commercial interactions

Analytics & Reporting

Generate metrics that provide insight on you business processes and take your event management to the next level

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