Electronic Contract Form

  • Automated Contract Generator supports an exclusive input form for the contract details, which contains custom fields that can be customized as per the business needs
  • Organizations can set up predefined values through the admin portal and those can be auto-populated on the contract form 
  • The contract form is designed keeping in the loop the modern UI requirements and ensuring smooth process flow for the users 

One-Click Contract Generation

  • Contract generation consumes time a lot, Automated Contract Generator precisely provide you with one-click contract generation in MS Word format(can be customized to a different format(s) as per business needs) 
  • Tired of entering values repeatedly in a contract? Automated Contract Generators’ contract document is integrated with predefined contract values from the admin portal 
  • Al Rafay Consulting (ARC) have designed an intuitive layout to access the contract generator section that promotes ease of use and efficient work 

Multiple Contract Templates Setup & Configuration

  • Working for different vendors and tired of preparing contracts in different templates? Our solution ensures that multiple templates are pre-added through the admin portal to make the process efficient and time-saving
  • With a single click, your customized templates will be downloaded in the desired format without the hassle of manually compiling them. They are integrated with contract fields which auto-populates the predefined values in the template automatically


Venue Booking

Centralized visibility over status of venues and events to provide robust event management platforms and manage bookings

Event Tracking, Management & Financials

Track events and manage relevant information and financials while having all the tools at your fingertips through streamlined processes

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