Client Details Dashboard

  • SharePoint CRM solution is built keeping the organization-vendor communication in mind. A modern UI dashboard is designed to display all the client info at a centralized place and can be accessed with one click
  • Scrolling through the data seems difficult – We have implemented custom filters and sorting that will help in finding the desired client details without consuming a lot of time 
  • We support full customization, depending on the business needs new filters and sorting can be added in addition to any new settlement details columns on the dashboard 

Electronic Client Details Input Form

  • For the CRM solution, we have incorporated an intuitive input form to capture client and contact details from the business user
  • Client Details Form is designed to keep in the loop the modern UI requirements and ensuring smooth process flow for the users 
  • We have also integrated the contact person form to ensure the details for the contact person of the respective client are stored and available in a single view. 
  • Any customization required by the business is fully supported by the CRM solution, be it form fields, layout, or any validation

Client & Contract Person Status

  • Executing an event isn’t easy, a lot of different departments are involved, and much work is required for each department. We have made a centralized input form that has exclusive sections for each department to collects data from the user 
  • Also, different departments involve different documentation and working templates, we have integrated separate tabs for each in order to provide a clear picture to the business user. Sorted documents and templates will ease the process of managing it 
  • Al Rafay Consulting (ARC) provides customization to businesses to meet their goals and requirements. Form fields, layout, UI, feature, or functionality can be customized to ensure usability

Client Notes

  • Mixing up different notes for different vendors? We have made it easy for you. We have added a client notes section that is exclusive for each client 
  • Notes can be added or deleted through the client dashboard. Any customization requires for this feature is fully supported by the CRM solution


Event Settlement

Simplify the settlement process with robust SharePoint solutions on our event management platform, giving you access to all the function so make event settlement easy and efficient

Analytics & Reporting

Generate metrics that provide insight on you business processes and take your event management to the next level

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