Innovative Modern Calendar

  • Venue Booking is designed with the handiest and an innovative modern calendar. The Booking Calendar is specifically designed to keep in the loop the overwhelming processing of event management organizations, ensuring to make easy access for quick hold, event visibility, and event updates 
  • We have a fully customized and flexible look of the calendar which can be altered depending on the organization’s UI goals and requirements with a tailored, simple to use user experience 

Custom Filters

  • Our modern calendar comes with a power pack filter functionality that is a built-in feature to ensure easy processing throughout the application saving time and increasing productivity 
  • We have options to add more filters depending on the organization’s requirements.  This serves as a more dynamic technology solution to fulfill specific needs

Global Search

  • Venue Booking is built to ensure time-consuming tasks are performed efficiently so a global search feature is embedded at the top for thorough accessibility throughout the application 
  • Numerous search keywords can be used to find an event and directly access it from there without any hassle of accessing the Event List. Search within the UI empowers simpler navigation to various events, data, and functions

Color Coding & Monthly Notes

  • To enrich the Venue booking solution with powerful UI and to ensure smooth readability, all the events are color-coded according to their status, resulting in easy identification with respect to event status 
  • Monthly notes can be added with respect to theatre/view as per organizations’ requirements. Organizations can better organize and annotate their data for better management visualization

Electronic Booking Form

  • Venue Booking uses a fully functional electronic booking form that lets you fill in all the particulars of an event and store them in the system. Users can generate multi-event series within a single form, which can consecutive and non-consecutive as well. 
  • The form is flexible in terms of adding any new fields as per business requirements with desired validations
  • To ease the overwhelming process of creating multiple performances, we have automated this task, and this can be achieved over a button click 
  • Event wise notes facility added and reserved performed notes can also be added for an event  
  • Organizations can add custom discount fields to the form and a security check is also provided to keep the event available only to limited users

Runtime Availability Check

  • Not able to keep a track of event dates, we got you covered! Venue Booking solution provides on a single click all the available dates with respect to venue 
  • Al Rafay Consulting (ARC) can customize this feature with another validation instead of venue depending on the business needs 

Instant Add/Delete Hold

Venue Booking supports a quick and easy process to add and delete hold ensuring the timely execution of the task without interrupting with the other ongoing processes.  


Performing Arts Contract Generator

Generate contracts through templates simply to create the contract creation and signing process much more efficient

Event Tracking, Management, & Financials

Track events and manage relevant information and financials while having all the tools at your fingertips through streamlined processes

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