Data Warehousing

The organization can experience the full benefit of a big data system through SharePoint that will be configured to the organization’s need by finding the dimensions that are the best fit.

The data system will be used to generate robust reporting and power BI systems that a company can use to inform decisions and have a deeper understanding of operations. Organizations will receive ongoing support and maintenance for the Data Warehouse.

Automated Reports

Automated reports will allow a business to generate data and metrics more simply for their organization to gather insight on various aspects of its business. Automated reports are developed to ease the reporting process for companies while providing more robust information for the organization to use.

The SharePoint online solution will transform raw data into reports and flexible analytics that will enable organizations to be more cost-effective in their operations.

Businesses will have access to a reporting dashboard that will be developed for their specific business needs while creating a simple user experience

Dashboard & BI

The dashboard is designed to generate and access reports and BI that are prominent within a company’s business functions.

Organizations will receive a BI system that is customized to their business needs to power business decisions and internal operations.

The organization can utilize a centralized built BI system that is integrated with multiple internal/external enterprise SharePoint systems (within the organization), which will help in trend analysis, forecasting, performance analysis, and other analyzing factors as per organization needs.

Integrations with External Applications

Reporting and BI system will be developed so that it is tailored to the specific needs of a business. SharePoint API integrations or integration with other third-party applications provides more customized SharePoint platforms, allowing for more well-defined and impactful data generated to empower data analysis to fulfill the specific needs of an organization.


REIT Asset Management

Have centralized visibility over all your assets to make intricate management functions simpler and more efficient

Lease Approval Workflow

Removes the manual process during lease approval saving time and effort, leading to more efficient approval

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