Business Plan Approval Portal

  • Our SharePoint based Business Plan Approval System is designed with a BPA Portal which is a centralized view to track and managed all the existing BPAs and tasks in the system 
  • We have enriched the portal view with various filters and sorting to ensure the user easily navigates through the portal 

Approval Process Automation

  • Business Plan Approval requires various departments to collaborate with each other which usually takes time and manual efforts. The Business Plan Approval system is designed to get rid of the overwhelming process by automating the approval process 
  • We automate the process and design a workflow that performs the task assignments according to the workflow approvers hierarchy and due dates 

Custom Notifications

  • The designed workflow will provide custom notifications to users whom the current approval is assigned 
  • This can be customized as specified by the business, from email content to set due dates all can be customized

Dynamic Reporting & Analytics

  • We have designed a dynamic reporting view within the system, which consists of various filters and sorting 
  • A combination of different filters can be used to generate different reporting views and that can be exported as well

Integration With CTM

  • Depending on the business needs, the system can be integrated with various independent other systems as well
  • BPA system supports the integration with Contract tracker & Management system 


REIT Accounting

Simplify accounting processes to create efficiency while being able to perform powerful actions

REIT Document Management System

Document repository to provide accessibility, integrity, and robust management over all business relates documents.

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