Centralized Dashboards

  • Our SharePoint-based CAM Estimates system is designed with a fully functional centralized dashboard that consists of all the sets of CAM Estimates documents and their details
  • We have added sorting and custom filters to help users easily navigate through the dashboard and create custom views 

Automated Workflow Processing

  • CAM Estimates requires various departments to collaborate with each other which usually takes time and manual efforts. CAM Estimates system is designed to get rid of the overwhelming process by automating the approval process
  • We automate the process and design a workflow that performs the task assignments, with reminder dates  

Customized Notification System

  • The designed workflow will provide custom notifications to users whom the current approval is assigned 
  • This can be customized as specified by the business, from email content to set due dates all can be customized


Document Repository

  • The system includes a document repository to store all the CAM estimates documents at a single location 
  • The documents are tagged with meta data to ensure an easy search of the relevant document by the user 

Reporting & KPI

Our system consists of reporting and analytics view to provide quick insights to all the critical updates and enable users to identify key performance indicators. 


Contract Tracker & Management

Provides robust tools to manage the status of contracts while having oversight on related operations.

Accounting Solutions

Simplify accounting processes to create efficiency while being able to perform powerful actions

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