SharePoint Setup & Configuration

Microsoft SharePoint environments can be configured to the specific needs of the organization to provide the best work environment for any company. Its built-in integration for Office 365 allows for the simple creation, storage, and distribution of any business documents.

SharePoint Enterprise Intranet

Through SharePoint development solutions, organizations will have access to a centralized and isolated platform where members can conduct business operations, exchange information, and collaborate together. The REIT enterprise intranet is accessible only to the members of the organization and houses all data and functions relevant to a business’s operations preventing access from anyone outside the organization to keep data accessible and secure.

Investor & Operator External SharePoint Portals

Several business functions or solutions may need to be accessed from outside organizations. SharePoint portals can be configured to allow external parties to access necessary functions while keeping them separate from internal operations to ensure data security. We make the most out of SharePoint features and solutions to put your business and your partners in a position to accomplish more with less overhead.


REIT Document Management System

Have centralized visibility over all your assets to make intricate management functions simpler and more efficient

REIT Business Process Automation

Removes the manual process during lease approval saving time and effort, leading to more efficient approval

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