Automate the manual exhaustive accounting processes in SharePoint workflows via electronic forms and approval workflows with centralized tracking & task management.

  • Manual Billings
  • CAM Estimates & Reconciliation
  • Transfer Balance
  • Wire Requests
  • TI Reimbursement
  • Write Off/Concession
  • Late Fee Adjustment


Data integrity with quick retrieval is key for Legal. Improve the Legal processes from generating notices to compiling case documents for litigation & lawsuits in SharePoint online:

  • Automated Letterhead/Notice Generator (via the click of a button)
  • Litigation
  • Retention
  • Enterprise Search (search by document title & content)
  • Contract Tracker & Management

Human Resources

Our HR Portal is a centralized human resources SharePoint platform that enables direct collaboration, process automation & communication between employees, human resources, and other departments i.e., IT.

  • Employee Database
  • HR News, Updates & Documents
  • Employee Birthdays & Anniversaries
  • HR Process Automation (Onboarding, Offboarding)
  • IT Integration

Information Technology

IT Portal in SharePoint automates & streamlines the complete process of information technology solutions and services from users to executives.

  • Electronic Ticket Submission (from Intranet)
  • IT Portal (ticket support & management)
  • Automated notifications (from ticket submission to closure)
  • Employee Request Process Automation (hardware + Software)
  • Security/Permission Access
  • Dynamic Reports (Managers + Executives)


SharePoint allows for simpler lease management and tracking. Our REIT customized solutions make the leasing process easier for any organization to save time and resources.

  • Space/Lease Tracking for Active & Prospect Leases
  • Lease Approval Workflow
  • Lease Abstracts

Construction & Development

Construction and Development operations are common in REIT, so being able to keep proper track of them should be made easy yet dynamic. Our robust SharePoint solutions provide tools best for the REIT industry to manage construction projects

  • Business Plan Approval
  • Contract Tracking
  • Job Costing


REIT Finance processes can be tedious but through SharePoint online, those processes can be automated with SharePoint workflows. We can help any organization implement SharePoint to make the financial management process much more efficient yet powerful

  • Acquisitions/Deal Tracker

Asset & Property Management

Property Management is an essential business operation in the REIT industry. Microsoft SharePoint allows us to deliver solutions that help perform the process at a faster rate while being able to perform sophisticated technology functions.

  • Asset Management (Building Fact Sheets)
  • Lease Abstracts


Manage relationships and interactions with active and prospect contacts & customers to streamline processes and improve profitability with REIT SharePoint online platforms and essential workflows.

  • Legal CRM
  • Finance CRM
  • Vendor Management & Tracking CRM
  • OPS/Property Management CRM


REIT Document Management System

Have centralized visibility over all your assets to make intricate management functions simpler and more efficient

Reports & BI

Generate metrics to gather an overview on REIT operation, which inform business decisions to make them more efficient.

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