Business Plan Approval

  • Business Plan Approval Portal 
  • Approval Process Automation 
  • Custom notifications 
  • Dynamic Reporting & Analytics 
  • Integration with CTM 

Contract Tracker & Management

  • CTM Portal 
  • Electronic Contract Form 
  • Process Automation Workflow 
  • Document Repository 
  • Contract Generator  

Job Costing

Generate job costings to have oversight over construction and development-related finances. We provide simple generation to make the process much more efficient and designed for your specific business needs that are imperative in REIT constructction management.


REIT Leasing

SharePoint allows for simpler lease management and tracking. Our REIT customized solutions make the leasing process easier for any organization to save time and resources.

REIT Asset Management

Property Management is an essential business operation in the REIT industry. Microsoft SharePoint allows us to deliver solutions that help perform the process at a faster rate while being able to perform sophisticated technology functions.

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