Employee Database

Have complete access to all relevant employee information for your organization. Track and manage employee data, while being able to make changes where needed. All information is centralized and simplified while providing robust functions to make the most out of SharePoint-built software for your human resource management needs.

HR News, Updates & Documents

Share information with your organization easily to ensure proper and clear communication on relative or vital info. Our SharePoint solutions make the process of generating and distributing documents much more efficient, along with performing REIT Human Resources updates simply.

Employee Birthdays & Anniversaries

Celebrate your employees and the events special to them with our SharePoint-based HR system. Receive automated notifications and centralized visibility over all events and manage them accordingly.

HR Process Automation (Onboarding & Offboarding)

Onboarding and Offboarding can be time-consuming and tedious processes, but our tools through SharePoint eliminates the hassle from the process. Through our solutions, give new users permissions upon their entry into an organization along with providing them with necessary materials automatically, and also removing permissions and data when a team member leaves.

IT Integration

Manage all IT technologies and permissions for employees in a centralized location to keep all IT items easily visible and manageable. Make the employee IT access process easier through a robust IT management platform that gives you all the tools to eliminate the pain points of the process.


REIT Legal

Automate legal processes that are imperative in the REIT industry to make operations efficient and more manageable

REIT Information Technology

Information Technology requires quick action while tracking many different components. Out SharePoint platform allows IT teams in REIT to perform operations fast while keeping things manageable

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