REIT Automating Accounting Processes

  • Automating accounting processes: 
    • Manual Billing 
    • CAM Recs 
    • CAM Estimates 
    • Transfer Balance 
    • Wire Requests 
    • TI Reimbursement 
    • Write Off/Concession 
    • Late Fee Adjustment 

Manual Billing Management Dashboard

  • Al Rafay SharePoint development based Manual billings system is designed with an intuitive landing page aka Manual Billings Dashboard. It displays all the existing billings in the system with their details
  • We have added sorting and various filters on the dashboard to help users navigate easily through the dashboard, creating different views as per the requirements 
  • Export to Excel feature is also supported by the dashboard to enable users to download different views and details as per the requirement

REIT Accounting Electronic Billing Forms

  • We have developed an intuitive billing form that captures input from the user and initiates a billing request. Different business validations are used depending on the need to ensure the data is captured entirely and as per the correct process 
  • The form fields and validations can be customized as per the business requirements 

Approval Process Automation

  • The process of manually approving the added billing becomes hectic and difficult to manage. Through our system, we have automated the approval process 
  • When a new billing is added, the system automatically enters in a workflow state and from beginning to end execute the process efficiently, taking less time and manual efforts 
  • The system manages the task notifications well, sending out emails to the assigned users as per the template implemented
  • The whole process fir REIT accounting jobs can be customized as per the requirements, be it notification email content to set up due dates and other validations 

REIT Accounting Reporting & Analytics

  • Our system provides a reporting view to be used by the business executives to get quick insights into the billings updates. REIT accounting reports can be generated using custom filters and sorting
  • An export feature is also added to help users generate copies of the custom views created
  • The reporting section can be customized depending on the views, filters, validations required by the business  

CAM Estimates & Reconciliation

  • Centralized Dashboard 
  • Automated Workflow processing 
  • Customized Notifications 
  • Document Repository 
  • Reports & KPI 

MRI Integration for Lease IDs

Businesses rely on various technologies to power their operations. We provide integration to such technologies as MRI through SharePoint to centralize functions and data while being able to provide greater capabilities.


REIT Legal

Automate legal processes that are imperative in the REIT industry to make operations efficient and more manageable

REIT Human Resources

Manage all employee related affairs with ease through our SharePoint online platforms that are designed to make Human Resource management much more efficient

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