Electronic Ticket Submission

Our SharePoint REIT IT system allows users to submit tickets to get help on any technology-related issues. Tickets will be instantly sent to the IT team and they will be notified immediately to expedite the ticket resolution process.

IT Portal

The SharePoint-based IT portal allows for your organization’s IT team to have centralized visibility over all IT items. We provide tools to help reduce downtime and promote efficient resolution over IT support items.

Automated Notifications

Upon the creation and completion of IT support tickets, relevant parties are notified. The system is to ensure that the ticket resolution process is not only fast, but is also easily trackable to ensure all tickets are taken care of properly.

Employee Request Process Automation

Often times employees need access to various hardware or software resources and they rely on the IT team to provide them accordingly. Many times, this process is inefficient and leads to large delays in employees getting the resources they need. Our SharePoint solutions allow for the process to be hassle-free while expediting it to ensure employees are satisfied with their technology needs.

Security/Permission Access

In any organization, it is imperative to have proper user permissions set to create strong information security. Our solutions help businesses manage user permissions simply and securely to ensure that each person can only access what they need to.

Dynamic Reports

Generate meaningful reports for managers and executives to have greater insight into the organization’s IT processes and help inform decisions on changes to take operations to the next level. Reports can be generated from various templates and tailored to fit specific use-cases.


REIT Human Resources

Manage all employee-related affairs with ease through our SharePoint online platforms that are designed to make Human Resource management much more efficient.

REIT Leasing

SharePoint allows for simpler lease management and tracking. Our REIT customized solutions make the leasing process easier for any organization to save time and resources.

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