Lease Management Dashboard

  • Our SharePoint-based Lease Approval Workflow system comes with a centralized dashboard that consists of all the lease details and its metadata
  • We have added various filters and sorting to navigate through the dashboard with ease saving processing time and increasing productivity 
  • The dashboard can be customized as per the business needs 

Lease Approval Workflow

  • Lease drafting requires various departments to collaborate with each other which usually takes time and manual efforts. The Lease Approval system is designed to get rid of the overwhelming process by automating the approval process
  • We automate the process and design workflow automation that performs the task assignments, with reminder dates

Custom Notifications

  • The designed workflow will provide custom notifications to users whom the current approval is assigned 
  • This can be customized as specified by the business, from email content to set due dates all can be customized

Dynamic Reporting

  • We have added reporting module to provide quick insights and a summary of the current updates to all the business executives 
  • Reports can be generated using a custom date range and various filters 


REIT Asset Management

Have centralized visibility over all your assets to make intricate management functions simpler and more efficient

Business Plan Approval

Removes the manual process during business approval saving time and effort, creating faster turnaround for business plans

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