Automated Letterhead/Notice Generator

With the click of a button, produce any letterheads and notices using whichever templates that best suit your business needs. Ease the process and free up hands to put effort hours into other areas, promoting productivity in your company.


Our SharePoint solutions create efficiency in the litigation process. We provide businesses with the tools to make essential legal processes simple yet dynamic to empower organizations to do more while making the process easier in generating, receiving, and distributing the documents and data required. We understand the REIT legal structure and have designed our solutions to accordingly fit the common business needs while allowing for customization


We make the process of legal retention easier by implementing technologies through SharePoint to provide organizations with the right data and documents to make the process easier, creating robust and efficient solutions.

Enterprise Search

As an organization grows, so does the amount of data they house. This can make navigating through the information daunting and inconvenient. Our document management system promotes a modern UI with a simple experience to ease the navigation process. Our dynamic filtering and advanced search functions allow users to find exactly the information they need within their enterprise system hosted through SharePoint. 

Contract Tracker & Management

  • CTM Portal 
  • Electronic Contract Form 
  • Process Automation Workflow 
  • Document Repository 
  • Contract Generator  


REIT Accounting

The REIT accounting process can be tedious and have many moving parts. Our solution makes the process much more manageable while providing dynamic functions.

REIT Human Resources

Manage all employee related affairs with ease through our SharePoint online platforms that are designed to make Human Resource management much more efficient

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