Document Process Automation

  • Document processing can become a big hassle when dealing in a big quantity, our DMS SharePoint online solution can prove to be a lifesaver
  • We provide a centralized document processing system that is fully automated through SharePoint workflows, making it easy for the users to capture, validate, and have real-time collaboration on the documents
  • We ensure to provide automated experience to the user for all the approval process which saves time and increase productivity 

Document Storage & Retrieval

  • Document storage can be a tricky part in a system and quick retrieval too, our SharePoint document management solution ensures to provide timely retrieval of the documents  
  • The storage will be dependent on the license purchased by the user for which our experts will provide consultation to acquire the best and suitable plan as per the business needs 

Document Metadata Integration & Versioning

  • Real-time collaboration will bring real-time issues which include any unwanted changes. There should always be room for going back to a stable version. Our SharePoint-based solution ensures all the versions of a document are tracked and if needed a restoring a previous version is supported 
  • Through our SharePoint solutions, documents are tagged with metadata to ensure integrity, check-in/check-out is also enabled to protect data from any unwanted/accidental changes to provide strong version control

Document Security & Data Integrity

  • Document security is always a critical aspect to deal with, our system provides permission-based access to different users as per business needs. The REIT industry handles many documents throughout its operations so it is imperative to maintain data integrity
  • All the activity performed by a user is tracked to ensure data integrity. Two-factor authentication can also be added upon request depending on the security tier needed to be set 

Customized Alerts & Notifications

  • Custom Alerts and reminders can be provided depending on the business need and process flow, a notification can be set when a document is created or modified 
  • Similarly, when an approval workflow is in process, relevant users will be notified to whom the current approval is assigned to. This can be customized as per user needs 

Global Reports

We provide fully customized global reports as per the requirements shared by the business with custom filters and validations. With our SharePoint development online solutions, generate and distribute reports for your business needs as needed.


SharePoint Collaboration & Communication

Our SharePoint solutions help facilitate communication between members in the organization to make the exchange of information easier and streamlined.

REIT Business Process Automation

Automate many REIT operations through SharePoint online solutions to make tedious processes more efficient and free up resources to use elsewhere

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