Migration to Latest SharePoint Versions

  • We aid in upgrading the existing on-premises SharePoint version to the next or latest version, to get benefit from the new features and functionalities offered by Microsoft products. 
  • We perform analysis on the current implementation and provide suggestions keeping in the loop the business needs 

Migration to SharePoint Online or Office 365

  • We aid the organizations in moving to SharePoint online or MS Office 365 while retaining all the on-premises functionalities and implementing new cloud functionalities to get the best of both worlds. 
  • Evaluation of the on-premises SharePoint is performed to highlight the significance of moving to the cloud and how it can improve your business 

Migration from External Solutions to SharePoint

  • To enable organizations to work in a centralized system, we provide assistance in migrating from an external platforms to on-premises SharePoint or SharePoint online built solutions, creating more opportunities to work, collaborate and share easily. 
  • We aid in setting up an effective migration plan for external solutions, ensuring no data or functionality is compromised during the transition. 

SharePoint Migration Steps

  1. Evaluate and examine the existing SharePoint environment and draft an effective migration plan 
  2. Perform a detailed analysis on the existing SharePoint structure, site collection, user permissions, and customized branding  
  3. Streamline all the content priority wise that is required to be migrated from one platform to another 
  4. Draft a migration plan ensuring no downtime to critical sites and services that support routine business operations 
  5. Perform migration as per the plan, also define site structure, workflows, update branding requirements, fix any issues and implement any changes requested by the client 
  6. For the next few days, we keep the new environment under the testing phase where it is evaluated on the basis of performance, security, and migrated content 
  7. Provide support to the client for any assistance related to migration and any issues which comes up as a result of migration 


SharePoint Implementation Consulting

Want to integrate SharePoint into your organization but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help. We have spent years working closely with SharePoint technologies and know the ins and outs of it. ARC is positioned to help your business implement SharePoint and bring the most out of its potential

SharePoint Custom Development

Our team of consultants have spent years developing technology solutions through SharePoint development. SharePoint allows for flexibility and efficiency when creating solutions. With this, we can create solutions quickly using out of the box options while adding customization where needed.

Microsoft Office 365 Services

MS Office 365 is a tool that has powered organizations for many years. Over time, many features and integrations have been added to it to give businesses better tools. We can provide companies with the information and services they need to implement Office 365 and integrate it within their business functions to empower their processes while making them more efficient

SharePoint Workflows

An efficient workflow can do wonders in improving operational costs and save the organization while allocating resources somewhere else. ARC has the expertise needed to develop workflows tailored to an organization’s workflow hierarchy to make automate processes which results in saving time and resources so you can assign them somewhere else and make more progress across the board.

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