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Associating with an external service via an API is often the finest and fastest solution to deliver essential functionality in an application. Oftentimes it is also the only solution. Therefore, accurate implementation of API is extremely effective. ARC’s API data integration enables student housing businesses to systemize tasks, incorporating their programs and databases with current business applications. In addition, we ensure smooth and persistent communication between diverse applications and entitle workers to get the advantages of multiple cloud-based apps while enriching product innovation. Our API integration services enable you to customize your data management to meet specific business requirements. APIs allow you to personalize an application in any way you desire and make changes to it as often as you need to. As a result, API integration services can streamline the performance of your business models, applications, and digital creations. In addition, we offer highly influential additions to third-party services and products while enhancing development processes.


Property management firms can benefit from our solution of API integration with the Entrata platform by gaining valuable data that can be used to provide them with the tools and insight they require. Get Entrata API Integration with our portfolio analytics system that allows student housing firms to handle their residents, transactions, and financials in one place. In addition, our data integration with Entrata helps businesses in the student housing industry improve the efficiency of their lease management and tracking.

Rent Manager

Your web services and other software can benefit from the Rent Manager API, which ARC will help you integrate with. This way, it will increase the amount of data and functions available in property management software. Integration with Rent Manager provides data analytics services for diverse student housing businesses, including rental properties. Get complete assistance in determining where and for what functions Rent Manager would be most beneficial to install.


Yardi provides extensive information and tools to assist businesses to manage and tracking clients, assets, leases, and other sensitive data. Execute property data analytics, which will provide you with practical insights into your business. Develop ideas and sales efforts that will propel your company to the next level of success. Get constant help to ensure that the quality and security of your student housing data are maintained. In addition, ARC assists you in training your power users. It ensures that they are well-equipped to get the most out of their property management software and services.


Get detailed data analytics along with actionable insights into your student housing business through our Buildium API integration. Furthermore, you can develop strategies and sales initiatives to take your business to the next level by transforming your unsettled data into a processed version. Our solutions are created in line with property management technicalities, giving you operational features that help your specific leasing project processes.


Our API integration experts’ team will integrate your current property management operations into the SharePoint system and incorporate your current SharePoint solution with any third-party tool, including customized ones. Our development team applies diverse methods and tools to ensure hassle-free integration of your SharePoint Online or SharePoint on-premises deployment with third-party server and cloud solutions.



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