Business Impact

Our goal is to balance the implementation of change initiatives and the maintenance of business-as-usual while optimizing return on investment. Designed as a robust technology platform, ARC has built solutions to automate portfolio analytics and management to provide a all-inclusive view of a property’s entire business points. With analytics across multiple data cuts and performance metrics available at your fingertips, you can stay prepared to make well-informed decisions. It’s simple! Just as we deploy software to increase business productivity, you need a comprehensive and secure software platform to simplify wealth management, which also maintains your data privacy. As a result, thousands of manual efforts a year can be saved, leading to the increased focus on decision making rather than consolidation or reconciliation using our portfolio analytics and management solutions.

Portfolio Dashboard

The property dashboard presents you a comprehensive overview of all your property details in a centralized platform.

You can have a quick overview of your specific property traffic, current applications status, signed leases, renewals, and in-place revenue in one summarized view. When data is stored in diverse systems across multiple teams, it becomes difficult to view the big picture at a glance. Our asset tracking systems provide you with easy access to a complete multi-property portfolio and property dashboard, allowing you to quickly identify what is working and what isn’t, as well as what must be changed to achieve performance goals.

Property Portal

The Property Management Portal is a web-based application tailored exclusively for property owners, property managers, and student housing management professionals.

The portal represents a simplified process to manage all your properties. It also lets you integrate all your properties into a single perspective and carry out administrative tasks from anywhere and anytime. The property portal allows property managers and other authorized users to access confidential content or information only accessible to senior-level executives. This solution is highly valuable since it gives managers a single point of access to various applications.

Property Contacts

Manage all your contacts on a centralized platform with our portfolio analytics and management solutions.

We deeply understand how complicated it is to manage with the humongous list of contacts, including employees, vendors, investors, and other resources. You can get a unified solution at ARC to centralize all your client’s contact information on a comprehensive platform, including tenants’ email addresses and fax numbers.

Property Documents

Now managing your colossal property documents will no longer be a hassle.

Because all your document management needs will be covered in our centralized portfolio management system. Our portfolio management dashboard will take you directly to an integrated repository where you can specifically manage and track all your property documents. This way, you will get your documents smoothly processed with simplified document automation. You will experience a balanced workflow with our document management solutions.

Property Analytics

Get complete assistance transforming your business operations through our property analytics and asset tracking solutions.

In addition to providing an in-depth overview of your data to help drive your business decisions, our student housing solutions give a pack of analytics tools to help you manage your data effectively. Many businesses have benefited from our metadata-driven solutions, which have enabled them to stay on top of their game with rich data.

API Integration

Our industry-leading developers have years of experience in API integration.

Get your existing data transformed from Entrata, Buildium, Yardi, or other sources through our API integration solution. Get these software applications integrated with our portfolio analytics solution and acquire immaculate customized reports, KPIs, and metrics. This way, you will have a detailed analysis of all the ups and downs of your property performance analytics.



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