Our Student Living Management platforms provide key performance indicators to provide businesses with the best information to gain insight into their business functions. In Student Living, pushing units before the start of the school year is essential. Using prominent KPIs within the industry, we provide organizations with the data they need to best optimize their business processes to get more students into units and along with understanding which units perform better than others. 


Metrics are imperative for any business to measure its operations. Our Student Living Software provides metrics that fit your business needs. We provide data that is most meaningful for your business and filter out the noise to paint a clear image of the organization’s data. Utilizing the best metrics allows for efficient data analytics to empower any business. 


ARC’s Student Living Technologies provide businesses with robust reporting tools that help visualize data and tell a story using impactful metrics. Our reporting tools offer a simple user experience while providing dynamic features that allow you to generate reports best fit for your needs. Reports aren’t just data, they’re a story that informs businesses on how to transform their operations for the better. 

Data Analytics Tools

Data analytics solutions can help any business transform its operations. Our Student Living Solutions provide an arsenal of analytics tools to provide an in-depth understanding of your data to help inform your business decisions. Our metadata-driven solutions have helped many businesses stay on top of their game with impactful data. 


Collaboration & Communication

Make communication between members during operations and distribution of resources simpler with robust communication and collaboration tools

Student Living Document Management

Manage relevant data on properties and leases for student tenants while keeping information secure and accessible

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