Student Living Document Management System

Through SharePoint, Organizations will have accessed to a centralized and isolated platform where members can conduct business operations, exchange information, and collaborate. This environment is accessible only to the members of the organization and houses all data and functions relevant to business operations preventing access to from anyone outside the organization to keep the information accessible and secure. 

Enterprise Search

As an organization grows, so does the amount of data they house. This can make navigating through the information daunting and inconvenient. Our document management system promotes a modern UI with a simple experience to ease the navigation process. Our dynamic filtering and advanced search functions allow users to find exactly the information they need within their enterprise system hosted through SharePoint. 

Global Document Reports with Metadata

Our SharePoint-based document management system is built around utilizing metadata. This allows users to generate robust reports to provide an in-depth understanding of enterprise operations and make informed decisions to modify them for the better. Metadata helps power sophisticated functions for organizations to gather greater insight, and we want to put that in the forefront. 


Collaboration & Communication

Make communication between members during operations and distribution of resources simpler with robust communication and collaboration tools

Data Analytics

Generate meaningful information to provide greater insight on business operation and improve the process of getting students into units

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