Business Impact

In the business world, document management software greatly helps in creating, sharing, and archiving critical documents. Collaboration tools such as document sharing, editing, making comments, document search, image capture, and access management, allow professionals to collaborate using the innovative document management system. Our file management system for the student housing industry provides the most realistic solution for all your property documents in a centralized digital platform built on robust Microsoft SharePoint solutions. Now all your file management tasks are at your fingertips. For example, if you have a renter’s insurance policy for all your properties, it can be easily accessed using our document storage portal.

File Management System

Our tactfully built file management system allows you to automate and maintain property papers, including lease contacts, insurance policies, maintenance request forms, and much more. You can also store as much paperwork as you want in the cloud, meaning you will not have to deal with the piles of paperwork that accumulate on your desk or anywhere else. You will also have access to any relevant paperwork connected to the tenants, a bonus.  Everything is easy to navigate and strategically arranged. You will not have to spend the entire day looking for any documents anymore.

Global Document Reports with Metadata

Document metadata assists in streamlining tricky operations for student housing organizations to collect more magnificent insights and develop expressive reports with detailed document metadata. This includes not only document names but also metadata and text in scans. For example, the author of the paper and the date on which it was created are both useful information. It can also aid in the classification of documents. For example, executives can designate whether a document is intended for internal use exclusively or is intended to be made publicly available.

Enterprise Search

ARC’s document management system includes a meticulous search function that allows you to quickly locate any document. Linking documents to projects, people, and other methods of work organization is also useful when working with software daily.  By using our centralized document management solution, you can smartly store and share documents in a secure, unified system with SharePoint and Microsoft Cloud. It will also save your time and effort by eliminating manual intervention with systematic synchronization and speedy document searches. This way, all the executives and senior-level managers will have quick and smart access to all the crucial data points of each property.


Collaboration & Communication

Make communication between members during operations and distribution of resources simpler with robust communication and collaboration tools

Data Analytics

Generate meaningful information to provide greater insight on business operation and improve the process of getting students into units

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