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Reshaping the thriving student housing business with intelligent, innovative tools & real-time property management and performance monitoring with strategic analytics, tracking, and metrics. We are experts in developing the right technological tools that eliminate several critical problems and inefficiencies to reinvent your business strategies as per the evolving modern technologies. Our innovative solutions can oversee the entire reporting process from beginning to end, with tools for analyzing leasing, accounting, and day-to-day business operations. Because of this analytical automation, you can devour better time focusing on your residents and slighter time on repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Daily Tracker

What would be more helpful for property managers than viewing your daily leasing status in just one click and on a centralized platform?

With the inventive solutions provided by ARC, you can easily track occupancy, traffic, apps, leasing, renewals, revenue on an ingenious calendar view. Keeping an eye on your daily KPIs enables you to keep your business strategies on the perfect track. For instance, if you timely detect a slight turnover in your traffic or revenue, you can make prompt decisions to get them back on track. Likewise, tracking daily updates of all your properties will make you analyze which days you are getting greater traffic or applications. These daily tracking insights will structure your student housing business more efficiently and thrive.

Weekly Tracker

Tracking your weekly leases, occupancy ratios, traffic, renewal, and revenue ratings has never been this easier.

Now you can easily and efficiently keep track of the daily maintenance for your properties with this unique tool. Working with our weekly tracker is a clear and systematic option for managing work orders from the point of contact to completion. In addition, our calendar with weekly tracking calendar provides you with the best tracking of all your property performances. You will just have to set the weekly toggle button, and you will easily view all your weekly updates. This way, you will efficiently manage all difficulties in your weekly leases.

Renewal Tracker

It is easier to save your budget with our renewal tracker tool presented in the property dashboard.

Lease renewal eliminates the effort and expense of finding a new resident and vacancy and lost rental income due to tenant turnover. Our innovative renewal tracker tool lets you automate the residents’ comments to an integrated portal. It allows you to have valuable resident insights on a centralized dashboard. With this innovative tool, you will track which students will renew their leases or plan to leave. This way, you will easily and priorly manage the upcoming budgets and get them set accordingly. In addition, you will get reminders when the leases expire to plan marketing and consulting strategies to convince the students for renewals. Likewise, if you already know which residents plan to leave or transfer, you can get your sales team powered to make residents’ minds change.

Development Budget Tracking Application

Now you can smartly forecast your financial and budgeting goals with our development budget tracking application.

It improves your budgeting and forecasting strategies. With the help of this innovative tool, it is simple to estimate financial scenarios based on existing general ledger accounts and budget information. In addition, with the help budget tracking application, you can generate forecasts on assumptions about market conditions and modified with data elements.



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