The Ingenious Business Plan Approval Solution By ARC

The business plan approval solution allows you to automate the entire BPA process and easily collaborate with business partners, accountants, lawyers, and other team members.

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The entire lifecycle of business plan approval demands diverse departments to communicate with each other, which usually takes time and manual effort. The business plan software by Al Rafay Consulting automates the comprehensive BPA process and provides real estate professionals with access to a tailored centralized platform where executives can digitally plan and handle business approvals. The program serves as a hub for data, communication, and business planning procedures, allowing all users to easily collaborate and work together.

The BPA solution offers,

BPA Solution


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Business plan automated platform, a centralized solution for all business plan approval procedures that convert laborious manual processes into effective automated workflows. The application provided instant document sharing and departmental communication, facilitating seamless collaboration between members.

The solution permits auto population of data from each department. All the internal data and departments related to BPA processes are connected to workflow that helps assign tasks to managers and control the process.
Global Search
Search by entering the necessary property parameters from the entire BPA application. Additionally, custom parameters can be created for a more comprehensive result.
Convenient navigation
With this data architecture, the user will not be bombarded with the mountain of information. All features are designed as per the simple UX rules with highly interactive functionality.
Analytical Reporting
Analytical reporting offers all-inclusive details critical to the BPA including project description, submission date, assigned personnel, key notes. Also any custom item can be added.


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Tracking different versions of a document to avoid duplication, errant or unwanted updates in documents.
Document Sharing Limitations
Rule-based robotic detection of confidential documents and prevention of accidental sharing of such documentation.
User Permissions
Permission-based access: you can select who can edit, create, share, or remove the documents in your enterprise.
Collect Feedback Workflow
This workflow compiles all participant feedback for the workflow owner and creates a record of the review procedure.



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