Microsoft Power Virtual Agents Services

Thousands of organizations use Power Virtual Agents to boost customer and employee relations. Partner with Al Rafay Consulting to create personalized and efficient customer experiences while reducing manual effort with the help of Microsoft PVAs. 

With over 10 years of experience as a certified Microsoft solutions partner, ARC provides premium and cost-effective solutions to create bots and enhance business operations.  

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Boost Your Customer Engagement With Power Virtual Agents

Revolutionize the way you interact with customers by building powerful bots that can automate and optimize your customer relationships. With Microsoft PVA, your business can take a giant leap forward in the world of Conversational AI, offering seamless interactions and integrating with systems and applications. Collaborate with Al Rafay Consulting and build intelligent bots with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents. 

Microsoft PVA Services By Al Rafay Consulting

At Al Rafay Consulting we have a team of highly skilled Microsoft-certified professionals who are committed to delivering top-notch Microsoft PVA business solutions. With the help of Power Platform, our team provides the following Power Virtual Agents services. 

Conversational AI Technology
One of our prime services is to build intelligent bots that can engage in human-like conversations. By understanding user intent and context the intelligent virtual agents can provide personalized and efficient support, enhancing the overall customer experience.
Multichannel Support
We build low-code/ no-code PVAs that are flexible and can be deployed on multiple platforms such as websites, mobile apps, Microsoft Teams, and more. The multichannel support feature provides more convenience to users and increases accessibility and engagement.
Insights And Analytics
At ARC, we quickly create intelligent Power Virtual Agents that are powered by data analytics and reporting features. You can use this data and analytics reporting to optimize your strategies, improve your virtual agents' responses, and enhance the overall customer journey.
Customization And Branding
With our Microsoft PVA services, you can fully customize your virtual agents and branding to reflect your brand identity. This allows you to tailor the chatbot's personality, appearance, and conversation flow.
Self Service Automation
Improve your operations by automating repetitive tasks and with the self-service automation features of our custom-built Microsoft Virtual Agents. The chatbots can handle inquiries, provide information, and perform actions, reducing the need for manual intervention and improving efficiency.
Integrations With Systems And Applications
We can effortlessly integrate Microsoft Power Virtual Agents with your existing systems and applications such as CRM and ERP so the bot can gather data from multiple sources. This enables the virtual agent to access data quickly to provide fast and accurate responses. Our experts can also integrate your Microsoft PVAs with other Microsoft tools like SharePoint, Teams, and Azure.

Want To Quickly Create and Manage Chat Bot on Power Virtua Agents?

The ARC team has the skills and training to assist with any type of Chat Bot project on Power Virtual Agent.

Benefits of Getting Our Power Virtual Agents Services

At Al Rafay Consulting, we understand that investing in Microsoft Power Virtual Agents (PVA) services is a significant decision for your business. By partnering with us for your deployments you can get access to the following benefits. 

Fast Customized Solutions

Developers at ARC can quickly build and deploy custom Virtual Agents that are customized to your specific needs. This means you can start reaping the benefits of enhanced customer engagement and operational efficiency without lengthy development periods.

Technical Support

You can always rely on ARC to ensure the seamless operation of your virtual agents and chatbots. From maintenance of your system to training your employees we provide comprehensive technical support to our clients.

Cost Reduction

Implementing Power Virtual Agents can significantly reduce operational costs for enterprises. Businesses can minimize the need for extensive customer support teams by automating customer interactions and reducing staffing costs. Organizations save up to 70% on customer service costs with the help of our services.

24/7 Customer Service

With our Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, you can offer 24/7 customer service, enhancing the accessibility and availability of your business to a global audience. No more restrictions to business hours; your virtual agents are there to assist customers at any time of day or night.

Why Choose ARC?

Long-Term Partnership With Clients

With seven years of experience, we've worked successfully with leading firms like San Diego Theatres and BioMed Realty, building long-term relationships based on excellence.

Proactive Approach

Starting with a discovery session, we use an agile approach to lead your project, ensuring on-time delivery and staying within budget.

End-To-End Software Development

From complex development to customization and flexible support, we offer comprehensive software services and solutions to meet all your technology needs.

Expert Development Team

Our team comprises skilled software engineers and developers who excel in delivering tailored solutions, understanding and addressing your unique IT requirements.

Power Platform Solutions by Industry

Real Estate Investment Trust
Performing Arts
Student Housing

Technology Stack

Project Management

-  Jira

Microsoft Azure

- Active Directory
- Azure Storage
- Function
- App Service


- React          - Angular
- Node          - HTML
- jQuery         - C#
- JavaScript    - ASP.Net
- TypeScript


- SQL Server


- SharePoint Server
- Office 365


- Selenium
-Test Rail
- Postman
- Apache JMeter
- BrowserStack

What Our Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Can ARC help integrate PVA chatbots with other applications?

Of course. Microsoft-certified Virtual agents specialists at Al Rafay Consulting are experts in integrating PVA chatbots with various applications and systems such as CRM systems, ERP software, and databases. Our team of experts can ensure that your Power Virtual Agents can access the information they need to provide valuable responses to your customers, making your customer support more efficient and effective. 

How can I improve the performance of my Power Virtual Agents chatbot?

Improving the performance of your smart chatbots is a continuous process and entails a lot of aspects. Some key tips to keep your bots optimized are the following: 


  • Analyze data to discover areas for improvement. 
  • Regularly review and update the topics of your bot. 
  • Improve the bot's knowledge and performance by using NLP, entity recognition, and machine learning. 
  • Regularly test your bot. 
  • Ensure that your bot's themes are well-organized and simple to navigate. 
  • In your bot's responses, use clear and short language. 
  • Allow users to escalate their queries to a human agent if necessary. 
Can Power Virtual Agents be used for internal employee support?

Yes, Power Virtual Agents can be effectively used for internal employee support. They can automate common HR-related queries, IT support requests, and a lot of other internal processes.  

To which industries do you provide Microst PVA services?

Al Rafay Consulting provides its services to a diverse range of industries. Our expertise in PVA allows us to customize solutions to meet the specific needs of your industry. The four main sectors that we work in are the following: 


  1. Real Estate 
  2. Student Housing 
  3. Performing Arts 
  4. Non-profit Sector
What is the difference between bots and virtual agents?

While the terms "bots" and "virtual agents" are sometimes used interchangeably, the following are some differences that you should be aware of. 


Bots: Bots are computer programs that are programmed to carry out defined repetitive activities. They are usually rule-based and may be incapable of engaging in normal language conversations. They are task-oriented and may not comprehend the context outside of their predefined norms. 

Virtual Agents: Virtual agents, like those created with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, are a form of chatbot that uses advanced natural language processing and machine learning to engage in more human-like conversations. They can understand user intent, and context, and provide personalized responses.


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