Centralize Your Business Operations and Easily Navigate

Microsoft SharePoint excels in creating platforms for companies to communicate and collaborate. SharePoint allows for platforms to be put in place making content management systems stronger and creating SharePoint sites for specific operations.

Microsoft SharePoint gives robust intranet software to businesses. Establishing a company intranet can be very effective in introducing powerful communication tools and access to vital business operations/content. In addition, setting up an intranet isolates your business processes from the outside. This creates integrity, security, and efficiency within the company.

Through SharePoint intranet portal, setting up communication sites, team sites, pages for specific processes, and much more become a more effective process. These pages keep employees engaged in the company’s system and centralize the tools they need to succeed.

It is important to have a user-friendly, intuitive SharePoint intranet portal in place to make accessing business functions and data simple. Intranet portal make navigation through the system easier and are essential in tying it all together.

Why Choose ARC?

Our experience in various versions of SharePoint and many other platforms has given us many opportunities to implement SharePoint intranet portal solutions. The ARC team has been involved in web portal development for many companies and functions. We understand the specific challenges for each use case and how to overcome them. This knowledge gives us the edge when developing intranet portals in SharePoint with intuitive user experiences and robust functions.

Al Rafay Consulting has helped many companies implement sites and Intranet portals that bring together pages for a variety of meaningful functions. These portals help companies manage human resources, IT, communication platforms, and much more through the intranet.

We have performed many successful implementations when it comes to developing, deploying, and publishing sites in SharePoint. We like to gain insight into your business’s needs and operations. This gives us valuable information to make sure that the solution not only solves challenges but is also the correct fit.

Benefits of Intranet Portals

  • Easy Collaboration
  • Access to vital business processes
  • Centralization of Business functions
  • Isolated environment for productivity and security

Whether it be SharePoint Server On-Premise, or through SharePoint online, we can set up intranet systems to make content sharing, communication, and essential operations centralized in one place. At the same time, the solutions in place are designed to resolve your specific needs, both in functionality and company dynamic.

Intranet Portals in SharePoint are designed to centralize and isolate your business operations. But sometimes you need external parties such as contractors to access specific functions. Our team has the skills necessary to develop extranet portals to give necessary parties access while maintaining integrity.

Intranet Portals Services

Custom Portal Development

  • SharePoint Intranet Portals can be developed for members of your business to access prominent business functions through SharePoint. With the implementation of the SharePoint Intranet portals for the company, all business functions and data will be centralized. Portals help access and navigate through them, giving easy and quick access to vital business operations.

Internal Portals (Intranet Implementation)

  • We aid in creating a custom site and subsites templates per the requirements provided by the business. These templates are easily reusable while keeping the branding and functionality the same throughout the company
  • We extract the requirements from shared information and create sites and subsites with custom user permissions, branding, and pre-defined content

Human Resources Portal

  • HR Portal in SharePoint is a centralized human resources platform, enabling direct collaboration, process automation & communication. Manage relations and interactions between employees, human resources, and other departments such as IT with easy access and effective functions. HR Portals allow for simpler management of employees and company communications

Information Technology Portals

  • IT Portal in SharePoint automates & streamlines the complete process of information technology solutions and services from users to executives. Introducing SharePoint to your IT Helpdesk system helps centralize IT ticket management and empower your technology solutions.

External Portals (Extranet Implementation)

  • Our seasoned professionals have developed a set of custom SharePoint apps built using the latest software development standards and platforms. These apps can be hosted within the intranet while giving access to necessary outside parties if needed
  • Extranet portals are designed to maintain security and give access to necessary third parties. Our team has the skills necessary to make sure the intranet integrity stays in place while limiting access as needed

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We have helped many businesses realize their technological needs through SharePoint Intranet solutions and the implementation of robust portals. ARC wants to keep providing real-time development and support to keep delivering top-quality service.