Meta-data Managed SharePoint Document
Management System

Modern, customized, and metadata-driven document management system built on Microsoft SharePoint with 50+ Out-of-the-box features.


SharePoint DMS - A Solution to Your Paperwork Challenges

Do you still keep your paperwork on disconnected computers or multiple filing cabinets? You might observe that retrieving even a single file costs you valuable time. The manual procedure of managing documents requires a lot of time and effort. It increases the possibility of human error, resulting in lost or corrupted files. To eliminate this threat, enterprises use document management systems by SharePoint to automate the entire document management procedure. It digitalizes the entire document management lifecycle from creating, reviewing, and tracking to archiving.

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SharePoint document management system enables you to strategize how you will organize your files. Documents can be arranged in libraries, sites, and site collections. From private sites to publicly organized document libraries for speedy document generation and collaboration, SharePoint offers a variety of tools to help manage the entire life span of document management. Such as categorization of items into folders and subfolders within a repository, document versioning, sharing and tracking, validation, and more.
Set Up Document Workflows
Design automated workflows to monitor and manage the sharing of documents across team members as they work together throughout a document's life span. Workflows are available in SharePoint Server for typical team duties like document approval and review.
Automated Alerts and Notifications
Automated alerts, notifications and emails are sent authorized users regarding any changes to documents or plans, such as editing an existing record, giving feedback, or the conclusion of an approval workflow.
Document Templates
A great way to standardize processes within an organization is through the use of document templates. These documents can bring uniformity to a department or project site, whether they are trip reports, expense reports, or PowerPoint slides.
Document Validation/Verification
Create document validation rules in your SharePoint DMS and automatically verify scanned documents for spelling errors, typos, symbols, and missing or incorrect signatures for easier fixing of these errors and be safe from erroneous documents.
Convert paper documents into searchable digital files and further convert them into various formats including word, JPG. /PNG. Get the critical data automatically extracted from the pdfs and other documents and get rid of annoying data entry errors.
Managed Metadata
Develop a common taxonomy (classification) of terms to be used across your SharePoint environment by using managed metadata in SharePoint Server, enabling you to find what you're looking for and organize documents effectively.


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Why SharePoint Document Management system is so effective for Enterprises?

More than 250K leading enterprises are using SharePoint DMS because it greatly improves employee performance while reducing operational costs. Want to know how? Get in touch!