Azure Data Factory Services

Azure Data Factory (ADF) is a Microsoft Azure cloud ecosystem data pipeline orchestrator and ETL tool. ADF can take data from the external sources, transform it, filter it, improve it, and send it to another location. We use ADF to drive our data flow from raw intake to refined analysis that is ready to display in my work for a health-data project.

Fully Managed and Serverless Data Integration Services to Solve Massive Raw Data Coming Your Way

To succeed, businesses today must adopt effective tools, technologies, and new solutions.  The Azure Data Factory comes into effect here. ADF makes it possible to facilitate data processes, analyze data, and gain insights.


Microsoft Azure Data Factory is a data integration service that streamlines data movement and transformation in the cloud. Highly available, platform-agnostic data flow pipelines can be quickly created, deployed, scheduled, and monitored. Transform and deliver data of all shapes and sizes to a variety of location storage services. With a rich visual experience, you can supervise all of your data centers and service health at a glance. Data produced by BI, analytics tools, and other applications can be easily consumed to drive core business insights and decisions.

  • Create data flow pipelines by combining data storage, movement, and processing services.
  • HDInsight integration has been improved, including HCAT and on-demand pattern management.
  • Plan data pipelines with precise control.
  • New on-premises and cloud data connectors are available.
  • Azure Machine Learning and Azure Batch integration
  • Data movement as a service, globally deployed
  • Using a Visual Studio plug-in, you can create, edit, and deploy data pipelines.
Azure Data Factory Services
Pipelines are made up of activities and arrows that represent data flow. ADF is programmed by creating pipelines. Work is completed by running pipelines, either manually or through automatic triggers.
Data Set
Data set specifies data within various data stores, like tables, files, folders, and documents. It is a titled view of data that simply attributes to the data you want to use as inputs and outputs for your tasks.
Activities represent a pipeline processing step. For instance, you could use a copy activity to copy data from one data store to another and do specific kinds of data transformation
Linked Service
It instructs ADF on how to view the specific data or computers you use. To gain access to a specific Azure storage account, you must first create a linked service and include access credentials.
Source and Sink
Data sets serve as the foundation for sources and sinks. ADF's primary concern is moving data from one location to another, frequently with some kind of transformation along the way.
Data Flow Navigation
Create and manage data transformation logic graphs to convert any size of data. You can create a reusable library of data processing routines and level those processes out from your ADF pipelines.

Need some help with your Azure Data Factory project?

ARC has the tech expertise and the industry experience to develop your Azure Data Factory solution according to your unique business needs.

Benefits of Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory Helps to Load, Transform and Analyze Huge Amounts of Unsorted Data.

Azure data factory hugely helps smoothly migrate ETL workloads from on-premises data warehouses and data lakes to the Azure cloud.


To keep up with the increasing data volume, additional costs are required for purchasing hardware and sustaining the tools. Users of ADF's pay-as-you-go service impose no initial costs and are only made to pay for the services they use.

Excellent Scalability & Performance

Traditional ETL systems were not intended to handle large amounts of data. But ADF is a scalable platform that includes scalability and time-slicing features, letting users quickly move massive data (terabytes or petabytes) to the cloud.

No-Code Environment

With Azure Data Factory's mapping data flow potential, you can graphically build data transitions without writing code and concentrate on business logic by allowing them to design and perform data transformations in a no-code environment.
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