Event Management Software Dedicated to Performing Arts Industry

Eliminate the hassle of managing heaps of files, face-to-face collaboration, and disjointed systems using fully featured and centralized event management software. 

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One-Stop Solution For Event Management Operation

The key to designing a simple event management software is to make it user-friendly, interactive, and easy to understand and learn. You become perplexed and overburdened when you have too many systems, including multiple scattered spreadsheets. This type of complex system is extremely challenging to integrate across an organization. This makes your event management flow stressful. Venues with a simplified system, such as a single database, typically have easier time management.  This leaves an event management system adoption that meets all the needs of the performing arts industry including event operations, finance, reporting, and overall management. 

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Theatres, arenas, and auditoriums use event management software because it has the capacity to manage the operations of multiple venues. The workflows of these three facilities are specifically considered when designing and configuring the solution. It simplifies the work of the experts by automating all time-consuming management tasks with its function-specific tools. In addition, the booking, associated activities, financial information, and customer contacts are all tracked in a connected and well-maintained database.

Event Details
This solution ensures that you never miss an update. The event details form makes it simple to find all of the information pertaining to an event. You can easily edit and update the event form thanks to the modern user interface.
Event Metadata
Event metadata displays a grid view of an enhanced event database with search, sort, and filter options. Now, have a centralized event list view that enables users to browse every event and their fundamental information in one place.
Multi-Performance Management
Multiple performance tracking and management can be difficult and confusing. On both consecutive and non-consecutive dates, performance management and scheduling are made simple by this solution.
Contract Details and Generation
To ensure that all crucial areas of the business are accessible through a single platform, we have incorporated contract details and generator modules within the Event Management portal. It allows contract generation in one click.
Deposit Schedule
Optimize and set up the financial details, including the deposit schedule. We have integrated deposit schedules and financials into the event management solution to speed up the processing of the financial data and ensure that all financials are functional through a single portal.
Event Reschedule
This feature shows a view of event rescheduling. Depending on the required business demands, we can set up data validation for rescheduling the event and apply some restrictions that will help stop the event from being rescheduled using this feature.


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The robust interconnectivity of all the features enables event managers to work with higher productivity.
Data Synchronization
Synchronize the event-related data to the event management solution including client details, venue details, and other critical information.
User friendly and highly interactive functionality for quickly adding, editing, or deleting events along with helpful buttons in each module.
Admin Control
Have robust control over the user permissions. Admins can control the viewing and editing permissions of an event.



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