Our Process

Technology solutions are infamous for not meeting expectations, late, over budget, unfriendly user adoption, and eating up the time of the client valuable resources that should have been spent on conducting business operations. To avoid these issues, we have a proven phased approach that significantly reduces risk, eliminates surprises, creates transparency and visibility right from the get-go. We work closely with clients while utilizing the best practices for software development to deliver complete and robust solutions.

Our Process

Review & understand the current state
Define & prioritize goals
Define the future state
Complete the requirements workbook
Demo & Roadmap
View and critique demos
Prepare solution roadmap
Present solution roadmap
Review cost estimates
Make go/no-go decision for moving forward
Phase Deliverables
Requirements Workbook
Solution Roadmap
Cost estimates
2 Weeks
Meeting 1: Define Current State & Future State
Meeting 2: Review Future State, Conduct Demos
Meeting 3: Cost Estimates, Go/No Go Decision


Without a clear understanding of the problem, it is impossible to create the right solution therefore it is vital for SharePoint consultants to have industry domain expertise so they can articulate the problem from both SharePoint scope and business workflow automation.


Just like you test drive a vehicle before purchasing it, we believe the technology solution should be the same way. All inquiries must be answered, avoid all assumptions, and comfort and confidence levels are attained prior to making an investment.

Select Use Case
Collaborate with client to select use cases for prototyping
Build Prototype
Build out of the prototype
Data integration
Analytics & Reporting
Review w/ Client
Present functional prototype Get feedback
Update requirements workbook
Make go/no-go decision for moving forward
Phase Deliverables
Revised Requirements Workbook Revised Solution Roadmap
Working Prototype(s)
Reports or Dashboard
Cost estimates
Revised Requirements Workbook Revised Solution Roadmap
Working Prototype(s)
Reports or Dashboard
Project Plan & Kick-Off
Detailed project plan with timeline and milestones
Project kick-off meeting with the stakeholders to present a project plan
Software Requirement Specifications (SRS)
Compile SRS from deliverables of Phase 1 & Phase 2
Submit SRS to the client for approval
Design & Deployment
Solution infrastructure design
Submit design document to client for approval
Development of the solution
Quality Assurance
Testing of the solution
Deploy to Testing Environment
User Acceptance Testing
Production Launch
Client Training
User Manual & Supporting
Project Management
Recurring project status meeting with stakeholders


Once we have a confirmed prototype that fits all business needs, we now have a framework to build off and improve. This phase is all about implementing the functions developed in the prototype and adding all the bells and whistles to perfect the user.

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