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Traditional methods of working and using software on-premises are becoming obsolete and now the world is shifting towards cloud platforms. 81% of the companies all around the globe shifted towards cloud-based platforms in 2018 and this graph is getting steeper every year. Microsft 365 is a powerful cloud-based platform that offers a suite of productivity and collaboration tools, such as Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, Dynamics 365, and more. 

Al Rafay Consulting is a certified Microsoft Solutions partner and is a leading provider of Microsoft 365 adoption services, with more than 10 years of experience and expertise in helping organizations of all sizes and industries to successfully transition to Microsoft 365. Partner with our expert consultants to get the best services. 

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Empower, Engage, Excel: Transform Your Business Operations with Our Microsoft 365 Adoption Services

Revamp the way your organization works and embrace the M365 technology. With the help of ARC’s Microsoft 365 adoption services, you can transform your business operations and achieve secure and productive Microsoft 365 onboarding. More than 1 million companies are using the Microsoft 365 platform worldwide to efficiently collaborate, communicate, and develop powerful systems. Partner with our Microsoft-certified consultants and take your first step towards cloud-based solutions.  

Microsoft 365 User Adoption Services By Al Rafay Consulting

Client satisfaction is the top priority at Al Rafay Consulting, which is why we provide a comprehensive and customized service that covers every aspect of your Microsoft 365 adoption journey. Our suite of professional Microsoft Office 365 adoption services includes the following:
Developing a M365 project is one thing, but maintaining complete administration is an entirely separate domain. At Al Rafay Consulting, we enable you to manage and administer your Microsoft 365 environment, with best practices and tools for governance, compliance, and security. The main aspects of our administration services are the following:
  • Configure and manage your Microsoft 365 tenant, subscriptions, and licenses.
  • Set up and manage your user accounts, groups, and permissions.
  • Apply and enforce policies and rules for your Microsoft 365 services and apps.
  • Authority Automation
    At ARC we provide M365 solutions for authority automation. With the help of our services, you can automate and orchestrate your Microsoft 365 tasks and workflows, such as provisioning, de-provisioning, reporting, and auditing. Apart from this, you can also Automate the lifecycle management of SharePoint and M365.
    Backup & Restore
    We help you to protect and recover your Microsoft 365 data, with reliable and flexible backup and restore solutions. We help you to:
  • Backup your Microsoft 365 data to a secure and accessible location, such as Azure, AWS, or your own data center.
  • Restore your Microsoft 365 data in case of accidental deletion, corruption, or ransomware attack.
  • Schedule and automate your backup and restore processes, with granular and incremental options.
  • Cloud Management
    Efficient cloud management is the cornerstone of a resilient digital infrastructure. the innovative M365 developers and consultants at Al Rafay Consulting are experts in optimizing your cloud management systems. Our Microsoft 365 adoption services allow you to monitor and analyze your Microsoft 365 performance, availability, and health. Additionally, our experts can also optimize your Microsoft 365 network, bandwidth, and latency.

    Main Features of Our Microsoft 365 User Adoption Services

    The main features of our Microsoft 365 user adoption services are the following:
    Planning And Designing
    Starting with the right strategy is crucial to creating a successful adoption project. At Al Rafay Consulting our first step in Microsoft 365 user adoption service is to plan and design your Microsoft 365 environment, according to your business goals and vision. We help you to:
  • Assess your current infrastructure and security, and identify any gaps or risks.
  • After this, we design the project success criteria for your organization and identify the key metrics to measure the performance of your Microsoft 365 adoption outcomes.
  • Our Microsoft-certified experts design solutions for your platform and apps, such as SharePoint, Teams, Dynamics 365, etc., that meet your functional and technical requirements.
  • Migration
    Another part of our Microsoft 365 user adoption services is to safely migrate your data and content from your legacy systems to Microsoft 365, with minimal disruption.
  • Our experts can migrate your data emails, files, calendars, contacts, etc., from your legacy systems, such as Exchange, and Lotus Notes to the latest M365 platform.
  • Validate and verify your migrated data and content, and ensure that they are accurate, complete, and consistent.
  • Adoption And Change Management
    All of the planning, designing, and development is if your employees don't know how to use the products. ARC ensures that your users and teams are ready, willing, and able to use Microsoft 365 effectively. We can help you:
  • Analyze the impact and readiness of your organization for the change, and identify any barriers or challenges that need to be overcome.
  • Create and execute effective communication and training plans, and provide your users and teams with the relevant information and skills to use Microsoft 365 tools and features.
  • Monitor and measure the outcomes and benefits of your Microsoft 365 adoption, and provide feedback and recognition to your users and teams.
  • Are you targeting to initiate improved M365 user adoption?

    The end-to-end M365 user adoption service by ARC will help you adopt complete Microsoft 365 seamlessly

    Benefits of Getting Our Microsoft 365 User Adoption Solutions

    By getting Microsoft 365 user adoption services from Al Rafay Consulting you can get a lot of benefits such as:

    Maximized Productivity

    All of our solutions are specially customized to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your business processes. By moving to the cloud-based M365 platform you can reduce the costs and complexity of your operations. Additionally, with user-friendly applications and platforms of M365, your employees can work more easily and effortlessly.

    Optimized Workflows

    By adopting the features of M365 such as Power Platform companies can automate their routine operations. We identify bottlenecks, streamline operations, and ensure that your organization functions at its peak.

    Smooth Transition to New Features

    Organizations of all sizes and from different industry sectors can smoothly transition to new features and updates, by getting our Microsoft 365 adoption and change management services. We help you to prepare and support your users and teams for the change, and ensure that they are trained and have the necessary knowledge for using the new features.

    Training And Support

    M365 consultants at ARC have more than 10 years of experience in training different companies on Microsoft Office 365 tools. When you partner with us for Microsoft 365 adoption services you get access to our expert training and support. We provide:
  • Online and onsite training sessions, that cover the basics and advanced topics of Microsoft 365 services and apps.
  • User guides and manuals, that provide step-by-step instructions and tips for using Microsoft 365 tools and features.
  • 24/7 help desk and technical support M365 experts who can troubleshoot and solve any issues.
  • Why Choose ARC?

    Long-Term Partnership With Clients

    With seven years of experience, we've worked successfully with leading firms like San Diego Theatres and BioMed Realty, building long-term relationships based on excellence.

    Proactive Approach

    Starting with a discovery session, we use an agile approach to lead your project, ensuring on-time delivery and staying within budget.

    End-To-End Software Development

    From complex development to customization and flexible support, we offer comprehensive software services and solutions to meet all your technology needs.

    Expert Development Team

    Our team comprises skilled software engineers and developers who excel in delivering tailored solutions, understanding and addressing your unique IT requirements.

    M365 Solutions by Industry

    Real Estate Investment Trust
    Performing Arts
    Student Housing

    Technology Stack

    Project Management

    -  Jira

    Microsoft Azure

    - Active Directory
    - Azure Storage
    - Function
    - App Service


    - React          - Angular
    - Node          - HTML
    - jQuery         - C#
    - JavaScript    - ASP.Net
    - TypeScript


    - SQL Server


    - SharePoint Server
    - Office 365


    - Selenium
    -Test Rail
    - Postman
    - Apache JMeter
    - BrowserStack

    What Our Clients Say

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Al Rafay Consulting assist in maintaining compliance within the Microsoft 365 environment?

    We ensure compliance within the Microsoft 365 environment by implementing and enforcing Microsoft policies and standards. This includes data classification, retention policies, and regular audits to meet industry-specific regulations and standards. 

    Can Al Rafay Consulting assist in migrating from an existing productivity suite to Microsoft 365?

    Absolutely. Al Rafay Consulting offers seamless migration services, ensuring a smooth transition from your current productivity suite to Microsoft 365. Our experts handle data integrity, minimize downtime, and provide comprehensive support throughout the migration process. 

    How does Al Rafay Consulting implement role-based access controls (RBAC) in Microsoft 365?

    Al Rafay Consulting follows Microsoft's RBAC model to implement role-based access controls in Microsoft 365. We define roles based on job responsibilities, ensuring users have appropriate access levels without unnecessary privileges, which in turn enhances security and compliance. 

    How can I optimize Microsoft 365 performance for my organization's network?

    Optimizing Microsoft 365 performance requires understanding your network bandwidth requirements and implementing strategies to enhance network efficiency. Some things that affect the M365 performance are the following: 

    • Bandwidth 
    • Traffic Optimization 
    • Content Delivery Network (CDN) Utilization 
    Can Al Rafay Consulting assist in implementing Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA)?

    Yes! We provide customized solutions to all our clients and our Microsoft adoption services can provide Advanced Threat Analytics to detect and respond to advanced cyber threats. This includes leveraging behavioral analytics and machine learning to identify suspicious activities within your environment. 


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