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Financial analytics solution empowers student housing owners and investors to forecast possible financial scenarios with smart sales and revenue insights.

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A Solution For In-Depth Analysis of Financial Scenario

Student living owners and financial analytics go hand in hand. Whether you’re an investor, owner, or manager, leveraging data and financial analytics is critical to determine whether a property/asset fits the requirements. Financial data analytics assists student living organizations in gaining the latest portfolio insights, forecasting future profitability and sales performances, and developing efficient solutions to performance issues. This way, the management can easily make smart decisions to improve the financial performance of all their portfolios.

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Financial analytics solution integrates all the factors affecting the financial performance of the portfolio by employing massive amounts of financial and other relevant data to identify patterns to drive predictions, such as which asset is generating more profit or loss.

Sales Tracking
Have sales analytics trends such as renewals in current week, total converted leases, and more to identify, strategize, understand, and predict sales trends and outcomes and assist sales management in determining where sales professionals can achieve better.
Sales Funnel
Automated alerts, notifications and emails are sent authorized users regarding any changes to documents or plans, such as editing an existing record, giving feedback, or the conclusion of an approval workflow.
Revenue Analytics
Revenue analytics is an excellent way to calculate and develop profitable results and is critical in business. It is deliberate, detailed, and well-researched reporting and analytics that show the revenue generated by all the portfolios in one place.
Budget Vs Actuals Report
The budget vs actual report or analysis helps property owners quickly analyze the comparisons between expected and actual portfolio sales, and revenue by presenting impactful analytics including in-place, forecasted and projected revenue.


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Conversion Ratio
The solution automatically calculates the conversion ratios according to the portfolio details such as signed applications, prelease, and renewals.
Actionable Metrics
Analyze the critical metrics such as total concessions, average scheduled or market rent, concessions by charge codes, and more.
Notifications & Alerts
Stay completely updated about current and forecasted data with automated alerts and notifications.
Robust Functionality
The intuitive and convenient functionality with extra accessible options let you boost your financial effectiveness.



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Want To Have Critical Insights Over The
Financial Performance Of All Your Property Portfolios?

Keeping track of crucial information in the student housing industry is very challenging. Instead of using perceptions, financial analytics helps in creating smarter business strategies through advanced, real-time, and factual insights.