Process Automation

SharePoint workflows can automate critical business processes and enable operational excellence. We create custom SharePoint workflow solutions for organizations based on their unique business requirements and seamlessly integrate these workflows with SharePoint on-premises and cloud versions, which means you can ask us to implement multiple workflows and we will ensure they are connected to all of your back-end systems.

Sharepoint Automation

Simplify complex business processes with SharePoint Process Automation Services

The SharePoint business process automation service enables internal and external business teams to connect and communicate more quickly, completing tasks with greater flexibility and effectiveness while empowering operational excellence.

SharePoint process automation is a cost-cutting strategy that involves automating processes. It entails connecting applications, restructuring labor resources, and implementing software applications across the organization. At Al Rafay Consulting, we have extensive experience in assisting small and large organizations in implementing business process automation for time-consuming, repetitive, yet critical business processes, allowing your employees to be smart and efficient. 

Our solution and approach release you from problematic data entries by leveraging the power of automated workflows and other viable Microsoft solutions to automatically route tasks for review or approval (incl. eSignatures). We can assist you in understanding how to leverage your current technology investments and consider capturing data using mobile-first forms and associated custom workflow to enrich the efficiency of your business processes.

Process Automation Services

Document Management Automation
As a SharePoint process automation solution, a document management system allows you to manage documents from a centralized system. The tailored metadata-based document management system will save multiple versions of the same file with edit history. You can always go back to the file version you require. When an authorized team member needs to access a contract file for collaborative work, they can do so immediately.
Approval Workflow
Managers and supervisors can easily approve content for further processing without devoting significant time to manual review. Before reaching the approval stage, content is subjected to a number of quality checks. Automation ensures that the process reaches every set of eyes it needs to and eliminates any gaps in quality checks. We can design personalized SharePoint workflows to help you get the most out of your Microsoft SharePoint subscription.
Customized Workflows
The SharePoint customized process automation services have made it extremely simple for businesses to standardize and automate business processes. Our cloud-first automation services will allow you to integrate with your existing system's various tools. We will also provide you with numerous customization options. The business-specific workflow solutions are also simple to implement and aid in eliminating manual labor.
Contract Management Automation
A predefined contract form allows user to enter data quickly. When administrator has already set the form values to specific numerical or text values, there will be little chance of human error with the data. You can improve your contract generation process by configuring SharePoint for one-click contract generation based on preset templates. When a new contract is added to your system, it will notify responsible team members.
SharePoint Notifications or Alerts
A notification or alert workflow is ideal for automating tasks with multiple participants. SharePoint's robust notification automation systems will send you messages or emails when a predefined job is completed. Alerts is a pre-installed feature in SharePoint. Every time something changes, a user who has set an alert on a document library or list will be notified via email or text. This process enables utmost enterprise productivity.
E-Signature Workflow
An e-signature workflow is a SharePoint feature that sends a Word, Excel or InfoPath document or form to one or more people for signature. This integrated workflow solution streamlines, automate, and standardizes the entire process, including forming, transmitting, tracking, and managing digital signatures. It routes the document automatically, sets tasks for signatures, and scrutinizes their completion.

Do You Need Assistance with SharePoint Process Automation?

The expert SharePoint team at ARC is ready to customize your solution to provide your employees with an effective productivity and collaboration toolset that is tailored to your business needs.

Benefits of Process Automation

The Sophisticated Business Process Automation Made Easier with SharePoint

Process automation can simplify complex business processes, such as project approval, document review, and much more.


Improved Efficiency and Productivity

The SharePoint workflow automation solution enables inter- and intra-business teams to maintain contact and communicate more quickly in order to complete tasks with greater transparency and efficiency. If you have a well-defined process, you can automate it with SharePoint workflows.

Savings on Expenses

Automation saves money in a variety of ways in your business. First, it relieves workers of repetitive, 'boring' tasks, allowing them to devote their time to more important and thought-provoking tasks. This saves money because it eliminates a lot of wasted time for your employees, who can now focus on more difficult issues within your organization.

Operational Standardization

BPA systems adhere to strict guidelines for document control and process actions. Such rules eliminate the possibility of missing processing steps or misplacing documents. Due to this system, employees do not need to worry about verifying the accuracy of information or tasks.

Quick Integration with Third Party Apps

SharePoint comes pre-integrated with Office 365 tools (Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote). This allows you to create documents directly in SharePoint, making it easier to start document-related workflows. SharePoint also integrates with enterprise systems (CRM, ERP, project management systems, and so on).

Process Planning Enhancements

Automation systems, such as dashboards, enable employees to see and track where things stand at any given time. This allows them to manage deadlines more effectively and adjust plans as needed. This is useful for managers in managing deadlines and capacity planning.

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Our process starts with a discovery session by determining your needs. We then lead your SharePoint project using agile methods; delivering on time and on budget while minimizing the time required for the main stakeholders and complement our SharePoint consulting with other Microsoft platforms.

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We are a one-stop shop for all of your SharePoint requirements, including difficult Development s, customizing your existing SharePoint site, retrieving unsuccessful SharePoint Development s, doing SharePoint health checks, and providing flexible support plans to assure continuous maintenance.

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