SharePoint Workflow - Automating Business Processes

Enhance the productivity of your business with SharePoint Workflow. Get expert SharePoint Workflow Consulting from ARC to automate complex business processes and enhance efficiency with custom workflow solutions that are tailored to your unique requirements.

At Al Rafay Consulting we recognize the significance of efficiency, in today’s market. Our SharePoint Workflow services offer an opportunity to transform your business management practices making them smarter and more effective than before.

Sharepoint Automation

Simplify Operations With Our SharePoint Workflow Development

Automating the business processes is the foundation upon which modern organizations can enhance their operational efficiency and respond to dynamic market demands. Transform your business processes with our SharePoint workflow automation services. Eliminate manual tasks and implement automated workflows, approvals, and document management in your company.

SharePoint Workflow Development Services By Al Rafay Consulting

Take your business to the next level with our SharePoint workflow consulting services. Our expert SharePoint developers can help you provide the following services.
Process Analysis And Consultation
Our experts undertake a comprehensive analysis of your existing business processes. They identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas where SharePoint automation can be most beneficial, and consult with you to keep you updated throughout the process.
Integration And Data Connectivity
At ARC we give importance to seamlessly integrating your SharePoint workflows, with applications, systems and data sources. Our SharePoint Workflow Development services guarantee that your business processes are interconnected and optimized for efficiency.
Training And Support
The SharePoint experts at Al Rafay Consulting provide in-depth training and hold multiple workshops to make sure that your business team can use the SharePoint workflows in the right manner.
Business Intelligence
Leverage the integration between SharePoint and Microsoft Power BI to unleash business intelligence capabilities. Create dashboards and visual representations to gain insights and enable well informed decision making.
Forms And User Interfaces
Ensuring user-friendliness is our priority. We design forms and user interfaces that make it effortless for your team to initiate and engage with workflows, thereby reducing the learning curve.
Workflow Design And Development
Our team of Sharepoint professionals has experience, in developing customized workflows tailored to meet the needs of your business. We leverage SharePoint workflow capabilities to automate a range of tasks, streamline approval processes, send notifications and efficiently manage all your documents.

Do You Need Assistance with SharePoint Process Automation?

The expert SharePoint team at ARC is ready to customize your solution to provide your employees with an effective productivity and collaboration toolset that is tailored to your business needs.

ARC’s Lifecycle of SharePoint Workflow Development

Automate daily tasks with SharePoint for enhanced productivity. every project is executed with precision, resulting in highly effective, reliable workflows. ARC provides a comprehensive SharePoint Development process to keep clients satisfied at all stages.
We begin our SharePoint workflow process with a deep analysis of your requirements and all the data and materials that you provide.
In this phase of the process our team of expert developers and SharePoint designers build the color scheme, layouts, logos, and other design features for your SharePoint workflows.
This is the step where the ARC team deploys the created workflows in your SharePoint environment accurately and efficiently.
ARCs’ SharePoint workflow consulting team holds a comprehensive meeting session to discuss all the details of the project in order to deliver excellent results.
During this phase, the Al Rafay Consulting team develops workflows designed to address your requirements and goals. This involves crafting the code and conducting tests to ensure its effectiveness and reliability.
Training Support And Project Monitoring
Our experts in Microsoft SharePoint Workflows empower your team to effectively use the workflows and provide ongoing support. We also continuously monitor the project performance to prevent any issues.

Benefits of Using SharePoint Workflows

Choosing Al Rafay Consulting for embedding SharePoint Workflows in your business can provide you with extensive benefits such as:

Operational Standardization

The Business Process Automation systems in SharePoint closely conform to document control and process rules. This minimizes the possibility of missing steps or misplacing documents, resulting in a consistent method that ensures correctness and consistency.

Easy Integration With Third-Party Apps

Microsoft SharePoint workflows offer easy integration capabilities, enabling you to connect your automated processes with various other tools and systems used in your organization like CRM and Microsoft 365.

Improved Accuracy

SharePoint process automation minimizes the risk of errors by automating the flow of information and ensuring that data is accurately captured, validated, and processed.


Consistency is key to delivering a superior customer experience and maintaining operational excellence. SharePoint Workflows enforce standardized procedures, ensuring that each task within a process is consistently executed according to predefined rules.

Cost Savings

With SharePoint workflow tools, you can optimize resource allocation and reduce the need for excessive manual labor. This not only saves on labor costs but also minimizes errors that can lead to additional expenses.

Improved Efficiency And Productivity

Workflows automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, ensuring that processes are executed with precision and speed. By reducing manual intervention and the need for constant oversight, employees can focus on higher-value tasks and strategic activities. Additionally, SharePoint enables seamless communication and collaboration among teams, resulting in faster task completion

Why Shift Towards Workflow Automation

Inefficient business operations can make a significant impact on an organization. Businesses can lose as much as 30% of revenue simply due to manual and scrambled processes. Traditional workflow methods not only hinder productivity but also take a toll on employee behavior and efficiency.

By using Microsoft SharePoint workflows you can see improvement in the following performance matrices:

  • 15% reduction in process errors.
  • Upto 15% better employee productivity by reducing repetitive tasks.
  • 10% faster and more efficient operations with consolidated data storage and automated data search.

Why Choose ARC?

Long-Term Partnership With Clients

With seven years of experience, we've worked successfully with leading firms like San Diego Theatres and BioMed Realty, building long-term relationships based on excellence.

Proactive Approach

Starting with a discovery session, we use an agile approach to lead your project, ensuring on-time delivery and staying within budget.

End-To-End Software Development

From complex development to customization and flexible support, we offer comprehensive software services and solutions to meet all your technology needs.

Expert Development Team

Our team comprises skilled software engineers and developers who excel in delivering tailored solutions, understanding and addressing your unique IT requirements.

SharePoint Solutions by Industry

Real Estate Investment Trust
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Technology Stack

Project Management

-  Jira

Microsoft Azure

- Active Directory
- Azure Storage
- Function
- App Service


- React          - Angular
- Node          - HTML
- jQuery         - C#
- JavaScript    - ASP.Net
- TypeScript


- SQL Server


- SharePoint Server
- Office 365


- Selenium
-Test Rail
- Postman
- Apache JMeter
- BrowserStack

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common use cases for SharePoint Workflow Automation?

SharePoint is a robust tool that offers numerous possibilities for automating various processes within your organization. Let's explore some common scenarios where this versatile automation tool can be applied;


1. Document Approval: SharePoint makes the document approval process easy so that they can be reviewed easily, making it easier for teams to collaborate


2. Employee Onboarding: By leveraging SharePoint's capabilities organizations can automate the onboarding process simplifying tasks like document sharing, access provisioning and training coordination.


3. Content Publishing: With SharePoint you can automate content publishing workflows, enabling content creation review cycles and publishing across different platforms.


4. Task Management: SharePoint provides task management solutions that allow teams to create, assign, track progress and streamline their workflow by automating task notifications and reminders.

Are there any security considerations for SharePoint Workflow Automation?

Security is very important in SharePoint and companies should implement the following best practices to ensure data safety.

● Ensure proper user access control.

● Encrypt sensitive data within workflows.

● Regularly monitor and audit workflows to detect potential security vulnerabilities.

● Use service accounts with minimal permissions for workflow processes.

● Be cautious with external data sources and integrate them securely.

Does Al Rafay Consulting provide any training on SharePoint workflows?
Yes. Al Rafay Consulting is a certified Microsoft solutions partner and it provides extensive training and user support to enable the employees in your company to effectively use this automation tool.
What are the limitations of SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful tool to automate business processes but it also has some limitations such as:

1. The Workflow requires extensive and ongoing maintenance.

2. It can be unnecessarily efficient for small and medium businesses.

3. Requires professional training before use.

Can you use Microsoft Power Automate with SharePoint?
Yes, you can use Microsoft Power Automate with SharePoint to create automated work environments that interact with SharePoint lists and libraries.


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