Enterprise Contract Management Software

Revolutionize the way you handle contracts in your organization with our Enterprise Contract Management Software. Manage your contracts across multiple departments, locations, and systems. Streamline your contract lifecycle, reduce risks, and improve compliance with Al Rafay Consulting’s Microsoft SharePoint-powered contract management system.

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From Chaos to Control: Revamp Your Business With Our SharePoint Powered Enterprise Contract Management Software

Managing multiple contracts can be troublesome, especially in the real estate industry, and the larger your business grows, the more difficult it becomes. It can be time-consuming to track the relevant contract, delegate it to the right lawyer or legal assistant, and wait for email-based approvals. Our software is a comprehensive solution that helps you manage your contracts from start to finish, using the familiar and robust SharePoint platform. Whether you need to generate, negotiate, approve, sign, store, or renew your contracts, our software can handle it all.

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Main Features of Our Enterprise Contract Management System

Our software is designed to meet the needs of enterprises of all sizes and industries. That is why our contract management consultants and developers have built robust features in the software. The main features of our enterprise contract management system are:

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Predefined Templates
Creating a contract from scratch every time can be a hectic process and hinders the efficiency of organizations, and it increases the risk of leaving out important details. Save time and effort by using our predefined templates for various types of contracts, such as sales, procurement, employment, partnership, and more.
Alerts and Notifications
Stay on top of your contracts and never miss a deadline or an opportunity using our alerts and notifications feature. You can set up reminders and alerts for various events, such as contract expiration, renewal, and termination.
Electronic Signature Integration
Our contract management consultant knows the importance of the ability to sign in electronically from anywhere. That is why our enterprise contract management software can be integrated with e-signature tools like Adobe Acrobat Sign.
Contract Approval Workflow
The contract approval workflow in this solution is an automated process that controls the tasks involved in submitting, reviewing, collaborating on, and finally approving contracts in a highly predictable manner to ensure compliance.
Smart Search Feature
Since the software is powered by Microsoft SharePoint you can store and manage your contracts in a centralized and secure contract repository. In addition to this, you can access your contacts from anywhere, anytime, using any device. You can also organize your contracts by folders, tags, categories, or metadata.
Global Search
A robust search engine is available in SharePoint Online which offers intelligent search using keywords, metadata, or full text. SharePoint enables contract searches across various sources, including portals, document management systems, etc.

Benefits of Enterprise Contract Management Software

Our enterprise contract management software can provide you with numerous benefits, such as:
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Time Savings
Our software can help you save time and resources by automating and streamlining your contract lifecycle, from creation to completion. Automating manual processes empowers your team to save valuable time, allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks and strategic initiatives.
Enhanced Accuracy And Reliability
Our software can help you enhance the accuracy and reliability of your contracts and data, by reducing human errors and inconsistencies.
Optimized Work Flows
Optimizing workflows and minimizing errors help you allocate resources more effectively and reduce operational expenses.
Compliance And Data Security
Our software can help you improve your compliance and data security, by ensuring that your contracts are aligned with the laws and regulations of your industry and jurisdiction. The platform prioritizes data security and ensures compliance with industry regulations, safeguarding sensitive information and your business's reputation.



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Frustrated With The Cumbersome Process of
Contract Management?

The contract management system by Al Rafay consulting enables real estate professionals to manage
contracts from the time of initial contract generation throughout the full contract lifecycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need enterprise contract management software?
You need enterprise contract management software to efficiently manage contract data, reduce risk, ensure compliance, and improve visibility and control over your organization’s contract management processes.
What are the best practices for contract lifecycle management (CLM)?
Best practices for contract lifecycle management include implementing a single source of truth for all contract data, creating a streamlined approach to contract management, and utilizing a CLM solution with robust management features.
How can enterprise contract management software improve contract renewals?
Enterprise contract management software can improve contract renewals by providing automated reminders, centralizing contract data, and offering efficient contract tracking and negotiation tools.
What are the common challenges in manual contract management?
Common challenges in manual contract management include inefficient processes, lack of visibility into contract data, bottlenecks in contract approval, and the inherent risk of using disparate tracking software.