SharePoint-Based Contract
Management Solution

Let your legal team count on our contract management solution to manage contract creation, send automated reminders, and quickly find important details critical to the business.

Contract Management Solution Powered By Microsoft SharePoint

Managing multiple contracts can be troublesome in the real estate industry, and the larger your business grows, the more difficult it becomes. It can be time-consuming to track the relevant contract, delegate it to the right lawyer or legal assistant, and wait for email-based approvals. In addition, there is no way to search for contract renewal and no way to receive timely alerts when contracts are about to expire. You have no idea if high-value contract renewals are being overlooked. Sometimes, you can’t tell if you have a signed contract copy. If your organization is experiencing similar issues, a scalable and versatile platform such as a contract management solution by ARC is the best fit for you.

 It offers,

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The full-featured contract management solution offers a smart way to manage your contracts concentrating on the user rather than just a specific document streamlines the contracting process. This indicates that it can be integrated with your current SharePoint custom developed site to give you and legal professionals the maximum functionality. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with SharePoint Syntex for improved contract management along with reducing the volume of metadata that employees need to manually enter, saving time and labor.

Predefined Templates
Creating a contract from scratch can be intimidating, and it increases the risk of leaving out important details. Contract management solution, with a variety of templates to choose from, can assist your legal departments in creating contracts quickly.
Integrated Google Map
The integration of Google Maps enables you to visualize all the deals across the entire globe. Making informed decisions would be a lot easier with a 360-degree view of where your deals are located.
Electronic Signature Integration
This solution integrates with e-signature tools like Adobe Acrobat Sign which helps to eliminate the need for manual signatures or in-person meetings. Thus, managing a contract’s life cycle becomes fully digital with a contract remaining legally binding.
Contract Approval Workflow
The contract approval workflow in this solution is an automated process that controls the tasks involved in submitting, reviewing, collaborating on, and finally approving contracts in a highly predictable manner to ensure compliance.
Centralized Contract Repository
All of your contracts and supporting documents can be kept in one place with ease using SharePoint's central content repository. Information like user profiles, obligations, milestones, and other data can all be kept in one place.
Global Search
A robust search engine is available in SharePoint Online which offers intelligent search using keywords, metadata, or full text. SharePoint enables contract searches across various sources, including portals, document management systems, etc.
Reports on contract-related user interactions, the most recently accessed contracts, access time, checked-out contracts, and workflow status in real-time.
User-Based Permissions
User-based permissions to strengthen control over who can or cannot access the specific contracts.
Contract Renewals
Manage contract obligations, supervise, and approve upcoming renewals via automated email alerts, and create contract amendments.
Robust Security
Multifactor authentication, customized data encryption, user-based roles, and permissions, to secure confidential contract information.



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Frustrated With The Cumbersome Process of
Contract Management?

The contract management solutions by ARC enables real estate professionals to manage
contracts from the time of initial contract generation throughout the full contract lifecycle.