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Al Rafay Consulting

Al Rafay Consulting, LLC is a global company that offers services such as Microsoft SharePoint development, consulting, support, and upgrades for our clients in need. We believe in digital enterprise and build best class solutions that increases employee productivity and creates a multi-channel revenue of opportunities. With our strong global delivery model, ARC can access the right talent at the right time to help you get the most out of your technology investments.


We aim to become an emerging name in the field of IT consulting & services and to contribute our valuable services by building impactful products that supports the community in which we operate.


We are in business to provide exceptional service to our clients putting forth our greatest efforts to meet YOUR needs. Let our team which expands globally help you achieve your goals.

  • To provide strategic IT solutions to our clients keeping in loop their business vision and challenges.
  • To build a team of highly competent professionals
  • To provide a platform for recruited individuals to turn their innovative ideas into reality

Why Choose Us

Customer Service

We have a dedicated team to resolve all your queries and issues within 3-4 hrs. of timeframe. A support ticket gets added in our system when a client reports an issue, which is always on HIGH priority at our end until resolved.

Quality Commitment

We possess a team of qualified senior and young professionals who are absolutely passionate about their work and as a whole proved to be a great asset to our company. We are the perfect choice your company will partner up with to increase the business productivity

Skilled Professionals

We possess a team of qualified senior and young professionals who are absolutely passionate about their work and as a whole proved to be a great asset to our company. We are the perfect choice your company will partner up with.

Proactive Approach

We believe in practicing a proactive approach instead of a reactive to save valuable time and efforts at both client & ours end. We ensure to identify potential upcoming risks and try to control them at an early stage to prevent its adverse effects on the application

Our Clients & Partners

david hasao3
David Hsiao
BioMed Realty
Vice President & Chief Information Officer

BioMed Realty engaged ARC 7 years ago originally to kick start an internal SharePoint campaign with the goal of increasing productivity through workflow automation. We’ve now grown our work with SharePoint into a full blown Business Intelligence platform that has created tremendous efficiency and value for our organization. ARC has been a vital and integral partner in helping us identify areas of our business that benefit from centralization of critical business data and helping us design powerful tools that enabled real time reporting across various platforms. It has, and continues to be a pleasure working with ARC’s knowledgeable team of professionals.

Cat Headshot
Catherine Hastings
Innovative Industrial Properties
Chief Financial Officer

When we were looking to design and implement our new website, ARC was an invaluable partner.  ARC assisted us in selecting a flexible platform and implementing our design ideas into a website that we can easily manage and update as we grow our business.  ARC listened to our needs and facilitated the project on time and within our budget!

Kelly Bargabos
San Diego Theatres

Al Rafay Consulting went above and beyond to give us the Event Management tool that we needed to take our organization to the next level. We were in the middle of system development when the COVID-19 pandemic devastated our business. Al Rafay anticipated our needs and partnered with us in order to keep the project moving and ultimately implemented our “go live” in the midst of the most troubling times our business has encountered. Ali and his team developed an events management platform for San Diego Theatres, sat side by side with us while learning our industry and business model, and through it all exhibited patience, collaboration and resolve to get it done. They truly developed a solution for us, at times knowing what we needed better than we did, that is process-driven, scalable and sustainable for our future.

Mark Zikra
CA Ventures
Director of Technology

Working with ARC over the past 3 years has been nothing short of exceptional.  The team has everything that you would look for in a consultant and then some.  A vast knowledge of their core business as well as a hunger to learn new industries and skills has proven to be a critical aspect of our partnership.  ARC have taken on the student housing industry full speed to develop what I would consider one of the deepest understandings reporting measures of the consultant space in the Student Housing industry.  Working together to develop new means to analyze data via API integration into our property management software (Entrata) has given the Executives and Employees of CA Ventures a new way to view information real time, and it’s all thanks to the ARC and their dedication to the continued success of our partnership, and any partnership they enter in