Streamline operations and maximize efficiency with end-to-end software development services by the certified Microsoft Partner, Al Rafay Consulting. Get full support for various technology platforms, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Azure, and more.

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Connect with our sales team now and learn more about our software solutions and services. We will guide you through the consulting and development procedure and help you get an impactfully developed solution per your unique requirements. As a certified Microsoft Partner, we bring expertise in leveraging Microsoft technologies to drive our clients’ innovation, efficiency, and growth. Whether you need a 24/7 help desk, remote support, or questions, fill out our contact form to contact a specialist about your IT needs today.


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Top-Tier Development

Achieve your business goals with our impactful software development services. We excel across various industries, delivering tailored solutions that meet specific business needs.

Certified and Licensed

We offer licensed and certified software services and IT consulting. Our products and services adhere to legal requirements, quality standards, and country regulations.

Expert Team

Our highly qualified developers, architects, and quality experts bring extensive experience and professionalism. They are committed to delivering uncompromising quality satisfaction.

Dedicated To Excellence

With our comprehensive range of IT services and robust solutions, we go beyond conventional approaches to provide exceptional value and enhance performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Microsoft Consulting Firm Offer?

A Microsoft consulting firm provides a variety in being an expert on Microsoft's latest products. They stay up to date on all program changes and can assist you in making the best use of these tools. Their knowledge spans a wide range of Microsoft products, including, SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, SQL Server, Power Platform – Power Apps, Power, Automate and Power BI, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamics, and many more!

What are Microsoft Services?

Microsoft platforms offer enterprise management products and services used by businesses worldwide for robust collaboration, extensive data storage, data visualization, and document management. Furthermore, Microsoft consulting and development services assist businesses in securely managing information, content, developing custom enterprise tools and apps to promote, data utilization, business productivity, collaboration, and teamwork.

Why do enterprises use Microsoft products and services?

The following are some of the foremost reasons why enterprises use Microsoft products and services:

  • Allow for enterprise-wide collaboration among a firm’s cross-functional teams
  • Provide greater control and comprehensive structures, with simple and efficient administration
  • Microsoft application ecosystems can be customized as per unique business needs
  • Have strong security features, which help protect data from unauthorized access
What does Al Rafay Consulting provide, as a Microsoft Certified partner?

Al Rafay Consulting, a Microsoft Certified Partner, provides Microsoft solutions, products, and related support services. We as an authorized partner, assist customers in implementing various types of technology integration projects across diverse business industries.

Why Microsoft is an ideal platform for technological transformation?

Microsoft-based solutions and services are critical for businesses because it assists in the following ways:

  • Keep track of documents and their version histories
  • Allow the company to maintain constant communication with its employees
  • All data is stored in a single location
  • Promote collaboration
Which industries do Microsoft's solutions serve?

Manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, financial services, utilities, real estate, transportation, distribution, retail, and many other industries can benefit from Microsoft solutions. ARC's Microsoft consulting services are also available in all of these industries.

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