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Al Rafay Consulting is a group of professional industry expert software development services & SharePoint services consultants that develop innovative solutions to streamline and optimize the way organizations operate. Whether it’s a new project implementation or planning to expand an existing solution, let our team of professional consultants maximize the impact and potential benefits of integrated technology solutions for your business through our SharePoint services, consulting, and development services. In an IT & Software consulting project, organizations will always try to maximize their return on investment, and our goal is to ensure that the end product meets the goals of the project and the organization

Al Rafay Consulting supports its clients in their transformation during all stages of a project: technical and functional advice, technical architecture, methodological support, implementation, product support, and training. For many years, our team has acquired a solid experience in the design and the realization of collaborative and innovative technology solutions on behalf of large and medium-sized companies in Chicago and all over the USA.

Our discovery process begins by examining your organizational goals and aligning them with the functions of technology solutions. We will then engage necessary stakeholders in all departments and at all levels of the hierarchy to ensure that management or application goals are aligned with the reality of user work processes.

Once all of the information is gathered, we’ll provide you with a recommended approach that aligns technology with organizational processes. Once we receive approval, we then develop your software solutions based on this approach.

Our Software Development & Consulting Support Service

ARC’s comprehensive IT & Software consulting support and SharePoint services can cover all an organization’s technology support and project needs. Our expert technology consultants are on hand to resolve immediate needs and help you make long-term development plans.

We provide support for various technology platforms, such as custom built applications, Microsoft SharePoint Online, and SharePoint On-Premises. In addition, our SharePoint services also cover Power Platform applications commonly used with SharePoint (Power App, Power BI, and Power Automate), which means your organization benefits from the entire suite of Microsoft Applications. We can help businesses integrate Office 365 into their operations and understand how to maximize its use. We also help set up data warehousing to fit your needs for insightful data analytics, perform robust API integration to empower your technology solutions even further, set up business analytics platforms to make informed business decisions, and much more.

Our team of software consultants can provide a completely objective review of your needs, regardless of office policies and role assumptions, and stick with you for the long run to provide ongoing support and resolve and challenges as efficiently as possible.

IT & Software Development services and consulting can help your organization introduce business collaboration and information management platforms that help you improve your productivity and manage your content. Additionally, we specialize in transforming your business processes into robust software, which makes operations much more efficient while decreasing the bottom line. Our philosophy is “do less, gain more”.

Such platforms allow you to make decisions based on consolidated business data while deploying business applications quickly and securely to strengthen collaboration in and outside your organization while promoting collaboration throughout your business. Make the most out of your technology platforms and implement meaningful technology solutions to empower your business as much as possible.

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