Innovative Event Booking Software For Modern Venues

Our advanced event booking software reduces paperwork, eliminates duplicate bookings, and makes venue management easier.

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Experience Hassle-Free Event Booking

When your core business is event booking and management, you want to make sure you’re streamlining the process, entering data correctly, and not over-booking or double-booking space. That is possible with Al Rafay Consulting. The ability to effectively schedule events into your venue is the most important factor in ensuring customer satisfaction and retention, lowering costs, and increasing profit and space utilization. The event booking system is more than just another dashboard or service to use; it is a sophisticated event management tool that can completely transform the way you book and manage your events.

Event Booking Calendar


The event booking software allows venue professionals to book their space not only for a single day, but also for multiple consecutive and non-consecutive days. As a result, when you use this solution, you are never under booked which results in increased productivity. Furthermore, you can keep track of runtime event logs to allow for multiple performances to take place in a single day if necessary. It has everything you need to make your next event a success, including the ability to add, save and view key notes, views by event status, venues and much more. 

Global Search
It enables you to quickly find the desired event across the calendar. You just need to type Event ID or Name then right suggested results will be appeared. By clicking on that, you can easily go to the event management portal of that specific event.
View Events By Status
View the events the way you want. Apply statues including booked, hold, budgeted, cancelled, or by venues. Any other customized status can also be added. By selecting avail option, you can view the available dates.
View By Week, Day, Or Month
For making the visibility more comprehensive, we have added a very user-friendly option of viewing events by day, month, or year. This way, you can easily and effectively plan and manage daily, weekly, and monthly event bookings.
Event Notes
The quick option of adding event notes is easily accessible on the event booking software. You can add key notes, collaborate with your co-workers, and make your events more effective and accurate.
Robust Filters
Mostly, event managers don’t have enough time to go through all the bookings and find the event they want. With this feature, you can select the filters and find the complete details of any particular event.
Functional Widget of Calendar
Going through clutters of booking forms to access a specific event held months or years before? This feature in event booking software has got you all covered. With just a few clicks, you can jump to any past event.


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Color Coding
The color-coding capability allows for robust visibility over all complex events statuses.
Impeccable UI
High-end and modern UI including intuitive menu, buttons, typography, icons, and other design elements.
Highly Interactive UX
The highly simple functionality including easy navigation and easy-to-access features allow for easy usability of the product.
Mobile-Friendly View
The solution is easily accessible and usable from mobiles including, iOS, Android, and Windows.



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Do You Want To Schedule Multiple Bookings In A Single Event Booking Calendar?

The innovative event booking calendar lets you book as many bookings as your venue require. Want to know how? Get in touch!