Event Booking Software For Simplified Venue Management

Stop juggling multiple spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls to book your events and venues. Our event booking software provides a simple and efficient way to handle all aspects of event booking, from scheduling to sales. Embrace our advanced event booking system to eliminate paperwork, and duplicate bookings, and streamline your events.

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Experience Hassle-Free Management With ARC's Event Booking Software

Al Rafay Consulting is a Microsoft Solutions Partner with 10+ years of experience in developing event management software for a wide range of industries. Our event booking software is a cloud-based solution that helps you manage and book your events and venues with ease. Whether you are a theater, a concert hall, a conference center, or any other type of performing arts venue, ARC can help you take your event booking to the next level. The ability to effectively schedule events in your venue is the most important factor in ensuring customer satisfaction and retention, lowering costs, and increasing profit and space utilization. The event booking system is more than just another dashboard or service to use; it is a sophisticated event management solution.

Event Booking Calendar

Main Features of Our Event Booking Software

ARC’s event booking software offers a range of features that help you manage your events and venues efficiently and effectively. Here are some of the main features of our easy-to-use software:

Comprehensive Event Booking Calendar
ARC’s event booking calendar lets you view and manage all your bookings in one place. You can see your availability, conflicts, and gaps at a glance. You can also filter and sort your bookings by date, time, status, type, and more. This feature greatly simplifies the booking process for managers and helps them avoid duplicate bookings.
Event And Performance Notes
The software provides the option to add notes for every event and performance. You can use this feature to communicate with your team and clients and keep track of changes and updates. This eliminates the need for scattered sticky notes and diaries.
Robust Filters
Mostly, event managers don’t have enough time to go through all the bookings and find the event they want. With this feature, you can select the filters and find the complete details of any particular event.
Feature Rich Calendar Views
Our event planning software offers you multiple calendar views to suit your preferences and needs. You can choose from day, week, month, year, agenda, and list views, and switch between them easily.
Interactive Scheduler
This feature optimizes the event registration process even more. You can use the scheduler to check availability, request holds, and confirm bookings. Additionally, the scheduler is a comprehensive solution and can handle complex bookings spanning multiple days and even non-consecutive days.
Centralized Document Storage
ARC’s event booking software provides you with a centralized document storage system that lets you store and access all your event-related documents in one place. You can also organize your documents by folders, tags, and categories, and search for them easily.
Global Search Option
Our developers have built the global search option in the application. event planner can use the global search to quickly find the desired event across the calendar. You just need to type Event ID or Name, and then the right suggested results will appear. By clicking on that, you can easily go to the event management portal of that specific event.
Robust Development Platforms
Our booking platform is built on powerful Microsoft solutions like SharePoint to provide you with the best features and reliability.

Benefits of Our Event Booking System

ARC’s event booking software offers you many benefits that can help you improve your event booking management and grow your business. Here are some of the benefits of our best event booking software:

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Impeccable UI/UX
Our online event booking solution has an engaging user interface and user experience that makes it easy and enjoyable to use.
Automated Confirmation And Reminder
ARC’s event booking software automates the confirmation and reminder process for your events and performances. You can set up and send confirmation emails and contracts to your clients
Integration Capability
Our developers can also integrate the booking app with other platforms like CRM and ticketing to enhance your efficiency.
Mobile Friendly
Our software is mobile-friendly and allows you to access and manage your events and venues from any device, anywhere, anytime



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Do You Want To Schedule Multiple Bookings In A Single Event Booking Calendar?

The innovative event booking calendar lets you book as many bookings as your venue require. Want to know how? Get in touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of event booking software?
Low-code refers to a software development approach that allows users to build applications with little to no coding. It utilizes visual interfaces and pre-built components to simplify the app development process, enabling faster and more efficient creation of business solutions.
How can event booking software benefit event planners?
The deployment time of the complete project varies for each project and company, depending upon the complexity and the size of the project. Al Rafay Consulting strives to deliver fast and efficient solutions and small-scale integrations can be made within just a couple of weeks. We work closely with you to understand your needs and prioritize rapid deployment without compromising quality.
What types of events can be managed using event booking software?
Power Apps is a revolutionary platform for designing and developing customized applications, which are known for their user-friendliness. The interfaces we design are intuitive and easy to navigate, making them accessible to all users. We ensure that your employees can quickly adapt to and use these applications effectively.
Can event booking software integrate with other management tools?
Absolutely! You can easily connect and integrate various systems, data sources, and apps across the Power Platform. ARC specializes in seamless integration, ensuring that your Power Platform applications can work harmoniously with your existing systems, including M365, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, and even third-party applications.