Advanced Enterprise GPT Applications And AI Chatbot Solutions

The realm of data processing and artificial intelligence has been revolutionized since the advent of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Millions of users around the globe are now relying on generative AI technology for everyday tasks. This revolution is now topped off by the new enterprise GPT applications development services which are powered by Azure OpenAI and Cognitive search.

Partner with Al Rafay Consulting to leverage the power of natural language processing and build advanced enterprise solutions and AI chatbots that are specially customized to the data and needs of your organization.

Breaking Barriers: Redefine Enterprise Dynamics With Our Next Generation GPT Apps Powered By Azure OpenAI and Cognitive Search

Build conversational and question-answering applications that use your own data as the basis for their responses. Leverage the power of ChatGPT, the state-of-the-art large language model from OpenAI, without retraining or fine-tuning it, with ARC’s cutting-edge enterprise GPT applications. With the combination of Azure Cognitive Search and Azure OpenAI Service, our Microsoft-certified experts can create custom applications for your organization that use your data to provide insights and engage in human-like conversations.

GPT AI Chatbot Services By Al Rafay Consulting

Being a Microsoft Solutions Partner with more than 10 years of experience, Al Rafay Consulting is an expert in creating GPT applications for organizations with the help of Microsoft Cognitive Search and OpenAI. By employing the latest tools and industry methods we provide the following comprehensive services to build and deploy GPT applications for your company.

Data ingestion and indexing service
The enterprise GPT applications work only on your organizational data rather than using other data sources such as the internet. This requires careful planning and preparation of data sources. Microsoft AI experts at Al Rafay Consulting can help you ingest and index your data sources, such as documents, databases, web pages, etc., into a searchable format that can be used by Azure Cognitive Search. To fully prepare your input data we also perform data cleaning, transformation, and enrichment tasks, such as removing duplicates, extracting entities, adding synonyms, etc.
Search and retrieval service
We also built robust and automated platforms for querying and retrieving the relevant pieces of data from the indexed data sources, using Azure Cognitive Search. We also use semantic ranking, document chunking, and summarization techniques, to ensure that the retrieved data is concise and relevant to the user’s query. This is imperative to provide you with the right answers.
Generate Conversational AI
Creating customized conversational AI chatbots with the help of Azure OpenAI is among our specialties. Our Microsoft-certified professionals generate natural language responses to the user’s queries or conversational turns, using ChatGPT Enterprise and Azure OpenAI Service. With our expertise, we also train and fine-tune your solutions to perform prompt design, retrieval query construction, and action execution, to orchestrate the interaction between ChatGPT and Azure Cognitive Search.
Transparency And Validation
In organizations making data-driven decisions is very important to success and this can't be done if the answers you are getting from our GPT applications are not validated and trustworthy. With the help of validation tools, we ensure that the output you get is always correct.

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Benefits of Getting Microsoft Azure AI Application Development Services From ARC

Al Rafay Consulting is a 10-year-old company with 300+ projects completed and offers a variety of Microsoft solutions. We have extensive experience in building and deploying ChatGPT-powered applications for various domains and use cases. By choosing Al Rafay Consulting as your Enterprise GPT solution provider, you can experience the following benefits:

Customer service

At Al Rafay Consulting, we have a 24/7 dedicated team of experts who will work with you to understand your business needs, data sources, and desired outcomes. Additionally, our technical support team is also an expert in troubleshooting and resolving any issues that may arise with your product.

Education and training

Keeping our customers satisfied and efficient in working is one of our core beliefs, and that is why we provide extensive training and educational sessions. Our experts train your employees on using AI-powered applications through a variety of applications such as educational materials, hands-on training sessions, lectures, and much more

Custom Solutions

To streamline your business processes ARC, create custom GPT applications and AI chatbots for your organization that are specifically ingested with your company data. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to understand their objectives and develops bespoke AI applications that align seamlessly with their goals.

Cost-Effective GPT Models

At ARC we believe that AI-powered applications and chatbots shouldn't come with a hefty price tag. By choosing ARC, you not only benefit from cutting-edge technology but also from a cost-effective approach that maximizes the return on your AI investment.

Why Choose ARC?

Long-Term Partnership With Clients

With seven years of experience, we've worked successfully with leading firms like San Diego Theatres and BioMed Realty, building long-term relationships based on excellence.

Proactive Approach

Starting with a discovery session, we use an agile approach to lead your project, ensuring on-time delivery and staying within budget.

End-To-End Software Development

From complex development to customization and flexible support, we offer comprehensive software services and solutions to meet all your technology needs.

Expert Development Team

Our team comprises skilled software engineers and developers who excel in delivering tailored solutions, understanding and addressing your unique IT requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RAG model?
The RAG is an acronym for Retrieval-Augmented Generation and it is the basic underlying process that makes the Microsoft GPT applications possible. It entails getting data from the search service and enhancing the generated answer with the Azure OpenAI model.
In what ways can Azure Cognitive Search and the Azure OpenAI Service be effectively integrated?
Search can extract important information from company data, which is subsequently pushed into the Azure OpenAI Service prompt. This enables more accurate responses and better context.
Can the Azure Enterprise GPT applications support multiple languages?
Absolutely. Microsoft enterprise AI solutions support multiple languages for their outputs. To train the model to translate non-English inquiries and provide responses, prompt engineering approaches can be employed.
Can I integrate Power Platform applications with my existing systems and data sources?
Absolutely! You can easily connect and integrate various systems, data sources, and apps across the Power Platform. ARC specializes in seamless integration, ensuring that your Power Platform applications can work harmoniously with your existing systems, including M365, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, and even third-party applications.
Is it difficult to set up the solution?
No. Al Rafay Consulting provides specialized solutions to quickly build and set up the application for your organization.
Can ARC provide an example of the GPT solutions it has built?
Of course. Our team of experts has extensive experience in building AI chatbots and GPT applications with Azure OpenAI and Congnitive services. We have built custom products for a variety of industries including real estate, performance arts, and much more. Contact our team now to get a live demo.

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