Custom Deal Tracking Software For Real Estate

Experience success as you have never before and redefine your real estate business with our revolutionary deal tracking software. Al Rafay Consulting is empowering C-level executives and investors to create winning deal strategies and achieve investment goals effortlessly. Partner with Al Rafay Consulting to streamline your deal workflows, improve your communication, enhance your data analysis, and increase your conversion rate.

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Navigate Success With Precision: Revolutionize Your Real Estate Deals With Our Deal Tracking Software

Al Rafay Consulting is a leading Microsoft Solutions Partner with more than 10 years of experience in developing customized software solutions for a variety of industries. Our expert consultants leverage the power of Microsoft tools and solutions like SharePoint and Power Automate to create powerful software. Our deal tracking software is a powerful and flexible tool for the real estate industry that helps you manage and track your real estate deals from start to finish. Whether you are dealing with residential, commercial, or industrial properties, this tool can handle any type of deal and any number of deals without any issues and breakdowns. ARCs’ real estate deal tracking software centralizes all the data related to deals and automates the end-to-end deal tracking process, making it easier and more effective.
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Features Of Our Real Estate Deal Tracker

Our deal tracking software is more than just software. It is a solution that can boost your real estate business and help you achieve your desired outcomes. This powerful software offers a wide range of features that can help you manage and track your real estate deals effectively and efficiently. Here are some of the key features of our deal tracker: 

Centralized Deal Management
Our real estate deal tracking software is based on the Azure cloud platform, hence, there is no need for complex data silos and users can create a single centralized data management platform. With this centralized platform, you can easily and swiftly share and update your deal information and documents, assign and track your deal tasks and activities, send and receive deal messages and notifications, and more.
Key Info And Foot Notes
Al Rafay Consulting creates very comprehensive software while keeping in mind all the minute details. Our deal management software contains a feature to add footnotes and key info for each deal. By doing this the managers and stakeholders can ensure that all the important instructions and details are co-ordinated with the team.
Enhanced Security And Governance
Al Rafay Consulting puts immense emphasis on data security in all of its solutions and services. Our real estate deal tracker application comes with highly reliable security and governance features. The software encrypts and backs up your deal data, protects and audits your deal access, and complies and adheres to your deal regulations and policies. Additionally, with the security management features the managers can also set deal roles and responsibilities to ensure your deal accountability and transparency.
Deal Tracking Calendar
Our deal tracking calendar is where you can schedule and track deal events and deadlines. Our calendar is smart, convenient, and provides exceptional visibility. You can add and edit your deal appointments, meetings, calls, emails, and more.
Custom Filters/ Parameters
When you are working with hundreds of deals simultaneously, things might become cluttered. That is why our consultants have added the feature of shortlisting your deals based on your selected filters and parameters. You can create and apply your own filters and parameters to your deals, such as deal size, deal stage, deal priority, deal source, deal owner, and more.
Global Search And Costing
To help your business expand globally, our developers at Al Rafay Consulting have integrated the software with Google Maps and the International currency exchange platform. This greatly helps the stakeholders to look for property anywhere in the world without the need for complex databases. Plus, they can also easily convert property prices into their native currency. This makes entering the global real estate market more simple and streamlined.

Benefits of Our Real Estate Deal Tracking Software

Our deal tracking software can provide you with a number of benefits that can boost your real estate business and help you navigate success with precision. Here are some of the main benefits of our deal tracker application:
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Our tracking and management tool can auto-populate your deal information and details from various sources. This can save you time and effort, reduce human errors and inconsistencies, and ensure that the data added to any deal is accurate and complete.
Robust Data Management Platform
Our deal tracking software can provide you with a robust data management platform that can handle and process your real-time deal data effectively and efficiently.
Record Maintenance
With the help of our deal tracker users can maintain deal records and history for your reference and review. With our software users can also archive and restore deal records and history as needed.
Customization of services and solutions is one of ARC's core pillars. Our developers always aim to provide solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each customer.



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What If, You Can Close More Deals In
Minimal Time?

Well, it’s possible with deal tracking software by ARC because it simplifies the entire deal tracking and management process with robust automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is deal tracking software important?
Real estate deal tracking software from ARCs centralizes all deal data and automates the end-to-end deal tracking process, making it easier and more successful.
Can the software be used for other industries?
Yes. Our developers at ARC can customize the software for your specific needs and industry.
Does ARC provide customer support post deployment?
Absolutely. Our technical support team is available 24/7 for all our clients. We provide comprehensive technical and troubleshooting support post deployment.
Is the deal tracking software maintenance intensive?
No. Our software does not require complex and expensive maintenance procedures. The software has a very simple structure based on the Microsoft platforms, which makes maintenance very easy and swift.