Digital and Simplified Deal Tracker Software
for Real Estate Industry

The Real Estate deal tracker software centrally organizes critical deals data and financial models to assist managers in creating winning deal strategies and achieving investment goals.

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Deal Tracker-Powered By Al Rafay Consulting

The deal tracker software by Al Rafay Consulting is entirely dedicated to the real estate industry. It centralizes all the data related to deals and automates the end-to-end deal tracking process, making it easier and more effective. The UI of the app is highly interactive with easy-to-use functionality, accessibility, and visualization. It enables the user to track key dates and timelines seamlessly. Options for corporate-level collaboration are also available, empowering real estate investors to communicate on a centralized platform.

It offers,

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The deal tracking software provides real-time collaboration among real estate stakeholders while creating, sharing, and managing real estate deals. It offers an intuitive deal form with all-inclusive details related to industry-specific scenarios, an all-in-one dashboard, and a robust deal tracking report with specialized features and functionalities.

Deal Tracking Calendar
It offers systematic functionality with the options of a list, map, and calendar view making your deal management much easier. You can also view the deals by status, market, and deal type as well.
Integrated Google Map
The integration of Google Maps enables you to visualize all the deals across the entire globe. Making informed decisions would be a lot easier with a 360-degree view of where your deals are located.
Key Info and Footnotes
To make your deal management well organized there is an option to add footnotes, comments, and key upcoming updates in each deal. This way no one in the team will miss any crucial information.
Global Search
It allows you to search across the entire application which means you just need to write the deal name, market, or submarket, and it will bring the top-matched deals in the search suggestion box.
Custom Filters/Parameters
This feature allows users to filter out the specific deal they want to locate. Just select the year, status, market/region, and project type of the deal and have the best-fit results on the go.
Security and Governance
The data in this deal tracking application is highly encrypted with the best security regulations. You can control who can or cannot view the confidential info of your deals and other data within this application.


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The system can auto-populate the deal information entered in the deal form. Also, it auto-populates the data like global locations, and more.
User Access
Control the role-based access. For instance, admins can assign permissions of adding or deleting fields in the deal form.
Record Maintenance
All your deals’ records are safely maintained in the application. If a deal is closed, the entire record will be preserved in the system.
One of the best capabilities of this app is that each feature can be customized as per unique business needs.



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What If, You Can Close More Deals In
Minimal Time?

Well, it’s possible with deal tracking software by ARC because it simplifies the entire deal tracking and management process with robust automation.