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Al Rafay Consulting is revolutionizing the way the real estate industry works. Our Microsoft real estate solutions streamline processes and automate workflows. Our Microsoft consultants offer advanced analytics and IT solutions tailored for the real estate industry.

Boost Your Real Estate Success With Our Microsoft Real Estate Solutions

Are you a real estate investor drowning in data reports and wish you could make confident investment decisions based on real-time market insights? Our secure Microsoft real estate solutions harness the power of data to analyze performance, predict trends, and optimize your returns. Stop guessing and start strategizing. Take control of your real estate success with our expert services.

Our tailored solutions empower real estate business professionals to proactively track property performance, make data-driven investment decisions, and drive operational efficiency. Step into the forefront of the real estate industry with the tools and technology necessary to maximize returns, mitigate risks, and achieve long-term success.

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Real Estate IT Services

The broad range of solutions serves all types of Real Estate industry professionals, including real estate investors, managers, vendors, marketing firms, developers, and builders, at all stages of the business, whether pre-production or post-production.

• Custom Development
• SharePoint Migration
• SharePoint M365
• SharePoint Process Automation
• SharePoint Portals
• SharePoint
• Branding | Fluent Ul
• SharePoint Mobile APPs
• SharePoint B2B Integration
• Azure Development
• Azure Enterprise Application
• Azure Integration
• Azure Migration
• Azure SaaS Products
• Azure Security & Identity Management
Power Platform
• Power Bl
• PowerApps
• Power Automate
• Power Virtual Agents
Business Intelligence
• Bl Development
• Data Warehousing
• ETL Development
• Dynamic Reporting
• Custom Dashboards
• Azure Data Factory
• Power Bl
• Tableau
M365 Services
• M365 Consulting
• M365 Implementation
• M365 migration
• M365 customization
• Microsoft Intune
• AD Connect
• Microsoft Teams
B2B Integration
• SQL Server Integration
• Entrata Integration
• MRI Integration
• Nexus/ TicketMaster Integration
• Azure Integration

How ARC Is Empowering The Industry With Microsoft Real Estate Solutions

Microsoft consultants at Al Rafay Consulting empower and encourage real estate C-level executives to overcome common IT and software hurdles. Our extensive technical expertise in this sector and a broad range of real estate solutions can help executives meet the industry’s critical challenges, and improve productivity and profitability. Being an expert IT and software consultant firm we can provide the following Microsoft real estate services:
Complex Portfolio Management
Managing a diverse portfolio of properties, including tracking occupancy rates, rental income, and maintenance schedules, requires robust software solutions to streamline operations and ensure accurate data management.
Data Security and Compliance
Safeguarding sensitive data, including financial records, tenant information, and legal documents, poses a significant challenge. Implementing solutions aligned with industry regulations is crucial for maintaining data integrity and protecting stakeholders' interests.
Access to Accurate and Timely Information
Decision-making in real estate relies on accurate and up-to-date information. Centralizing data, providing real-time reporting, and enabling mobile access to key metrics are essential for empowering executives and stakeholders to make informed choices.
Real Estate IT Services
Being a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner we provide a wide variety of Microsoft real estate solutions. Our services and platforms cater to all types of Real Estate industry professionals, including real estate investors, managers, vendors, and more.
Integration of Disparate Systems
Integrating multiple software platforms and systems, such as property management, accounting, and customer relationship management, can be challenging. Ensuring seamless data flow and avoiding data silos are essential for efficient real estate operations.
Workflow Optimization
Real estate professionals often struggle with manual and time-consuming processes. Automating workflows, including lease management, document handling, and financial reporting, can greatly enhance efficiency and productivity.
Scalability and Futureproofing
As real estate businesses grow and evolve, IT systems must be scalable and adaptable to accommodate changing needs. Ensuring that software solutions can scale with the expanding portfolio and industry demands is critical for long-term success.

Real Estate Industry Challenges

Today’s era is full of advanced technology and innovation. Businesses are adopting technology in all aspects and making almost every process digitalized. Digitalization of complex operations is effectively improving efficiency and increasing the productivity of business processes. However, the real estate industry in particular is lagging behind in this revolution and faces a lot of challenges.

Currently, there are a very limited number of tools and platforms that facilitate this industry. Consequently, the real estate market faces a lot of hurdles when it comes to streamlining and standardization of processes. Among these issues, the most highlighted are:

High Operational Cost Due to Excessive Manual Tasks
The real estate industry requires a quick and accurate method for extracting data for analysis from over one million documents. Because they rely on manual processes, the existing vendors are unable to meet the challenge. Operation costs surged as manual labor became less flexible and incapable of meeting requirements. As a result, there is a data backlog, and the company is unable to deliver data on time. It necessitates the need for a low-cost, digitalized solution.
Data Security
Because of the sensitive nature of the information involved in every transaction, the issue of data security affects all industries, but real estate is especially vulnerable to exploitation. To deal with the rise in cyber threats, businesses must choose technologies that are designed with security in mind. This entails selecting services that provide strong data security and privacy. Given that data breaches typically cost millions of dollars to recover from, businesses can easily justify any additional expense associated with selecting secure software services.
Employee Training to Modern Technologies
In the rush to implement emerging technologies, real estate agencies and brokerages frequently overlook the fact that employees must be trained in the use of software as it is implemented. If they are not, technological investments may go unutilized or are implemented incorrectly. Employee training has its own set of costs and concerns, but it is preferable to view it as a benefit rather than a burden. If all team members are up to speed on the technology at their disposal, the organization will benefit greatly in the long run.
Time Administration
Because real estate agents must handle so many different tasks, time management is frequently one of the most difficult challenges. There is a lot that needs to be done in a short amount of time, from presenting properties to clients to composing offers. However, you can manage your time more effectively by using innovative technological tools such as real estate calendars and to-do lists that can be easily found in dynamic property management portals.
Staying Updated with Modern Technology
Technology is constantly evolving and staying updated with modern trends can be difficult. This is particularly true in the real estate industry, where new technology is used to assist agents in selling and managing properties. However, by staying up with the newest technology, you can ensure that you are always one step ahead of the competition.

Are You in Need of a Customized Solution for Your Real Estate Business?

ARC provides custom-developed solutions for real estate managers and investors that are simple to implement and well-liked by employees. For more details, contact us now!


The broad range of solutions serves all types of Real Estate industry professionals, including real estate investors, managers, vendors, marketing firms, developers, and builders, at all stages of the business, whether pre-production or post-production.

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